2510 Grand Entrances

Grand style greets visitors as Vicki and Sloan furnish the foyer and living room in pink, brown and cream tones. Decorative glass sconces and deep, plush rugs create an elegant and inviting ambiance for the more formal areas of the Dream Home.

2510 Grand Entrances


  • Marcello wall sconce by Currey and Company adds a lovely touch of light to the entrance of the home.
  • Beaujon Bench by Currey and Company is a quaint space to gather shoes and outerwear for guests coming over for a nice dinner party.
  • Lodi Garden 6 x 9 rug in Tapriz by Capel Rugs offers some protection for the flooring from the repeated traffic between indoors and outdoors.


  1. humera malik says:

    Hi, I see your shows on create tv and I like very much the ideas you have given me to improve my little home. I have a problem with hanging curtains. Which rod or metal should I buy for hanging for curtains. I have 4 children and I need very strong hanging curtains to keep up with them. Thank You.

  2. Linda says:

    2510 – Grand Entrances – I love the front doors on the Dream Home – can you tell me who they are manufactured by?


  3. Susan Jones says:

    Hello, I love your show. Here is my question, how do I clean my sisal rug? I have the same one that Sloan show cased in the, Grand Entrance episode. During the show Sloan says “we did a nice simple, easy clean rug”. I have the same one. So, how do I clean it?
    Use surface: 100 % sisal
    Edge fabric: 100 % cotton
    Care instructions:
    Do not wash.
    Do not bleach.
    Do not tumble dry.
    Do not iron.
    Do not dryclean.

  4. Rhia Shae says:


    I would like to say that I love your show. I have gotten so many great tips and ideas that I just cannot wait to put to use.

    Something that particularly struck me were the fabulous antique books that were especially prepared for featuring in living room of the Dream Home. Is there anyone I would be able to contact for details on how that was accomplished? I absolutely LOVED those books.

    Keep up the great work, ladies, and I most certainly will keep watching.

    Most sincerely yours,
    Rhia Shae

  5. FYH Team says:

    Good afteroon, Rhia Shae.
    The books are from Middleton’s in Cincinnati, OH. Thank you for watching the show and for your question.

  6. FYH Team says:

    Good morning, Susan.
    Below are some general directions on how to care for a Sisal rug. Thank you for your question and for watching the show.

    Moisture and humidity can be very hard on sisal. For this reason, a sisal rug should be laid down in a dry place which is unlikely to be subject to spills. It is also important to keep this in mind when you clean a sisal rug. If you clean a sisal rug with a large amount of liquid, the rug may shrink or otherwise distort. In addition, the penetrating liquid may bring dirt to the surface of the rug, resulting in a large stain. If you want the look of a sisal rug in a wet high traffic area, you may want to consider synthetic sisal. Many synthetic products are very close replicas, and cleaning synthetic fiber is much easier.

    If any liquid is spilled onto a sisal rug, it needs to be cleaned immediately. Clean a sisal rug by blotting the rug with a dry cloth, making sure not to rub the liquid into the fiber. You may find it helpful to lift the rug up and blot from the underside as well, if this is possible. If a staining liquid such as juice is spilled, clean a sisal rug with a mild soap and water solution or a half vinegar, half water solution. Dip a cloth in the solution, blot the rug, and blot dry. You may need to repeat this, but remember to use a small amount of water to clean a sisal rug so that the rug does not absorb the liquid.

    Dry materials can be scraped off with a blunt edge, such as a wooden knife. You can also use a dry rug cleaning powder designed specifically for sisal to clean a sisal rug. These products are available at many carpet supply stores, and they have varying directions for use, depending on the manufacturer. You should also vacuum a sisal rug regularly to take up accumulated dirt. If you clean a sisal rug with a vacuum on a frequent basis, you will also prolong the life of the rug, since embedded dirt tends to damage the fibers of the rug.

  7. FYH Team says:

    Good morning, Linda.
    The doors are available though Pella. Please visit their website at http://web.pella.com for more information. Thank you for your question and for wathing the show!

  8. FYH Team says:

    Good morning, Humera.
    Window hardware can be very expensive, but the cheap stuff just doesn’t hold up. I suggest that you check with your local hardware store for the wooden version for rods and holders. They are cheaper than the good metal brands and will hold up better over time. The real secret is to anchor them firmly into the wall when they are installed and to install a center support bracket on any window wider than 36”. Thank you for your question and for watching the show!

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