Rethinking The Decor Of Your Child’s Room


I spend a lot of time reviewing photos of all types of rooms – some good, some bad. If I had to identify one group of rooms that generally fall into the bad category, it would have to be children’s rooms. Why is it that everyone thinks you … [Read more...]

Look For Storage Space Outside Your Closets


When the topic is storage, most people will tell you they’d like to have more of it. That’s especially true for those living in urban housing, which typically has fewer and smaller closets. There are ways to get around the cramped closets and … [Read more...]

Planning A Responsible Kitchen Update


If you are dreaming of a new kitchen, you have probably spent time online looking at the latest design ideas. Sites such as Pinterest and Houzz are wonderful for gathering ideas, discovering new color trends and creating a wish book of ideas. But a … [Read more...]

Refresh Your Kitchen With A Few Smart Updates


I’ve always been motivated by deadlines. Nothing drives me to do a little redecorating like the approach of Thanksgiving, especially when I will be the hostess. This time of the year the most important room in the house is the kitchen. That’s … [Read more...]

Decorating Should Be Fun in a Laundry Room


I’m not sure where the term “laundry day blues” came from, but maybe it’s because most laundry rooms are depressing. They don’t excite our fun side. If you have to do laundry – and most of us do – why not create a space that is a joy … [Read more...]

Gold and White are a Classic Combination


An ever-changing color palette keeps home décor stimulating and interesting. As the winter season gives us frosty white scenes outside in some parts of the country, we are seeing a similar design trend for interiors for 2015: gold and white. Unlike … [Read more...]

Make Room In Your House For Presents


Great design is all about editing; getting rid of what doesn’t work and keeping what does. I think this week’s topic falls perfectly into this theory. Take a look under your Christmas tree. Inside those beautifully wrapped packages are … [Read more...]

Red Turns Up The Heat On Home Decor


I just love how the color red brightens up my house during the holidays. This is more than a festive look for winter. Designers across the country are embracing red for home decor throughout the year. From wall color to accessories, the color is hot, … [Read more...]

Serve Holiday Cocktails with Designer Flair


The holiday season brings lots of house parties, and a well-prepared bar is essential for those gatherings. Having just wine and beer at your festive event won’t get you great reviews. It’s all about the experience – the stirs, squeezes and … [Read more...]

How to Find a Qualified Contractor: Certification Counts

Worker planking house with plastic siding panels

No doubt, finding a qualified contractor can be a challenge. Do you use a contractor who did a good job down the block? A cousin or in-law? Maybe crowd sourcing services such as Angie’s List or Home Advisor? Recommendations, whether personal or … [Read more...]