Vicki and Sloan begin their journey decorating the Susan G Komen for the Cure Charlotte Affiliate show house.

They introduce you to the builder Eric Johnson and we get our first tour of the home.

Raised Flower Bed Gardening
Billy Styles and Sloan show us how to correctly drain and plant in a raised accent flower bed. Installing a rubber membrane lining and drains in the bed will protect the home from any water damage. If you don’t already have a drain you can drill a whole with a concrete bit and use pvc pipe and a screen to make your own. Using a potting pot allows you to easily change your plant from season to season. Place plants that will fit comfortably under your window to cut down on pruning. Make note of the rising and setting of the sun before you do any gardening.

Outdoor Décor
Vicki spices up the homes curb appeal with metal accessories from Garden Ridge. Positioning of a wall hanging is crucial, make sure to center your pieces. Apply a lacquer to keep your outdoor frills from rusting. Adding an artificial plant will bring a pop of color with virtually no maintenance. If you want to add fresh seasonal flowers caulk your planter with a clear silicone.

Hanging Planter
Vicki plants and hangs a planter with black pepper, white pansies, and rosemary by the side door of the house. Pepper and rosemary plants are decorative and convenient for cooking.

Housing Permits
Sloan and Eric Johnson discuss the many permits needed to build a home.