Vicki and Sloan decorate a dream room for an aspiring designer at the Susan G Komen for the Cure Charlotte Affiliate show house.

Decorating with Color

The teenage girl’s room is given a project runway theme.

  • Decorating with a pumpkin and raspberry color scheme can really bring any room alive. The fabric used in this room is prefect for a young girl but can still transition into a more adult look.
  • A dramatic touch was added to this room with fabric covering an gold antiqued style chair Tip: if you can’t find the exact look you’re going for with existing upholstered furniture, find a fabric you love and create your own!
  • A tangerine colored dresser was used to anchor the playful look of the entire room

Bulletin Board
A cheap and easy way to contribute some color to the room along with some function is to make your own bulletin board.


Frame (Find one you like at any discount store)


Fabric (should be 2” longer around than board)

Foam backing

Staple Gun

6” of wire

Decorative Border (optional)

1. Purchase all your materials. First purchase your frame and then you can work around that piece. Buy a piece of homesoat from any home goods store that and cut it down to fit your frame.

2. Measure out all your materials and cut them size. Your fabric should be 2” longer all the way around than you homasote. The backing and homasote should match up.

3. Make sure your fabric is lying flat underneath the board and pull it up over the homasote. While holding the fabric in place use a staple gun and place staples about an inch apart from each other all the way down the board.

4. When you have completed one side flip the board around fold the next length of fabric of the piece and put several staples in to secure it in the corner. Make sure you are checking the fabric for wrinkling and repeat the same steps.

5. You can use a standard or fabric glue to add your decoration.

Tip: This is a fun project, so don’t take it too seriously. Nothing is exact just make it work!

6. Then using double stick tape mount the frame to your bulletin board.

7. Attach wire using the staple gun, making the bulletin board simple to hang

Romantic Art

Sloan and Vicki took simple sketches and framed then to add more interest to the décor of the room

When hanging art, first move the pieces around on the ground until you get your desired design.

Trace and cut craft paper to mimic the frames that you have. Using a pen or pencil, mark where the hanging wire falls on the craft paper. Once you have done this arrange the craft paper on the wall

and you can hammer your nails without having to guesstimate where the wire fall.

Dramatic Drapes
Our friend Andy Nance helps hang out beautifully striped drapes, in this girl’s bedroom. A lot of detail on the drapes added a dramatic touch to the already interesting window architecture.

A fast, easy, and inexpensive way to hang drapes is by stapling them to a 2×4 that is cut to fit your drape. Gather the material and secure as best you can with a staple gun. Screw an “L” bracket into the 2×4 and then above or directly onto your molding depending on your desired length. Be sure to use a level and measuring tape when hanging your drapes!

Tip: Not every window needs treatment. Leave some higher or smaller windows natural to allow for more light!

Drapery workshop owner, Brenda Lewis and Sloan show us how to perfectly fit a bed skirt without breaking a sweat.

If you’re an expert seamstress like Brenda Lewis you would be able to create this one-size fits all bed skirt. If not then when your in the market for bedding try and look for an adjustable bed skirt. With a couple twist pins you can take in or let out your bed skirt to fit a variety of sized beds. Another plus, you can remove you bedskirt to be cleaned with ease!

Combining several fabrics with different color schemes really brings an interesting aspect to a room design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and designs!

Fabric Emergency

Vicki and Sloan pay Margie Nance at Custom Home FurnishingsAcadamey a visit with a drapery emergency.

Spicing things Up
Sloan reupholsters stools in the girls room with extra fabric from the pink crushed velvet chair.

Tip: If you are tired of the like of a chair or it just too simple for the look you are trying to achieve just reupholster the piece to bring new life into the design of a room.

Magenta Crushed Velvet Arm ChairBy Sam Moorew/ Fabric provided Osborne and Little

Sewing Machine By Singer

Dress Form By Singer

Donna and Uma Pedestals by Peir 1 Imports

Ella Table Lamps B y Currey & Company

X-back Counter Stools By Riverside Furniture

Splash of Color Collection in black

Dresser By Riverside Furniture

Splash of Color in Tangerine

Desk & Dine Tables By Riverside

Queen Headboard By Riverside

Queen Dawn Plush Set Mattress By Carolina Mattress Guild