The workspaces of the home get their fair share of attention as Vicki and Sloan show you how to create a handy workshop in the garage and organize the mudroom and laundry area.

They also share tips on setting up a computer center for the entire family.


Need help keeping your home organized? A great tool to use is personalized baskets. By giving each family member a place to store their items, it will help to keep the clutter to a minimum, and give you a great family project on a rainy day.

What you will need:

Lined basket(s)

Unfinished wooden letter(s)

Acrylic craft paint

Paint brush(es)




Staple gun


Many of these supplies are available at your local craft store and are fairly inexpensive. Start by painting your unfinished wooden letter a base color on all sides. After letting that coat dry, you can begin to embellish. (Pro-Tip: By dipping the end of the paint brush directly into the acrylic paint and then immediately placing the end of the paint brush perpendicular to the letter you have a perfect polka-dot every time.) Once the letter is decorated to your liking, cut a strip of ribbon to the length of your choice and attach to the back of the letter with a staple and staple gun. If your letter already has a staple, you can simply pry up the staple, thread the ribbon underneath and hammer the staple back into place. Tie the ribbon into a lovely bow and using a needle and thread, sew the ribbon into the lining of your basket to attach your letter. Now that there is a place for everything, everything can be put into its’ place.

George Wallace, American Epoxy Floors, Inc.