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We are sailing smoothly into the 2010 year and are very excited about things to come!

Vicki has been making her rounds at the Atlanta Gift Show and is in Vegas for the International Builders Show.  She even snapped a few shots of some really lovely items that will be HUGE this year.  She wanted to share these great finds with all the viewers so they can get inspired, like she has, so here are her comments from the road:

Aqua just won’t go away.  That’s okay with me because I just love this color.  The “color of the year is Turquoise”  just a deeper version of aqua.  For walls and linens I am seeing this pale aqua everywhere.

Nature inspired accessories are everywhere.  My favorite was the use of “Sea Fans” as shown above.  They are delicate fan shaped pieces of dried sea weed.  I asked about ordering some and found out that they are no longer available from this vendor because they are too delicate to ship.  So if you know where I can order them please let me know!!

Anything French was hot, hot, hot.  Now I’m not talking about the Paris memorabilia that we saw on the market place a few years ago.  I am talking about authentic French styled furniture and that shabby chic Parisian look.  The furniture features exposed wooden frames.  The wood is finished in a light gray or pickled finish.  The upholstery fabrics are all natural linens in pale neutral colors.  I could have swooped up dozens of these pieces for my own home.  Love it!

Turquoise: The official home décor color of 2010 looked fabulous on this bed from Bella Notte Linens.  This company is so great.  They will die your bedding any color you like.  They had dozens from which to choose or they can even do custom colors.  Gone were all the layers and layers of satin, heavy embellished pillows and heavy comforters.  Think soft, inviting fabrics and you would have the look I saw over and over again.  The more formal bedding displays featured fresh ironed linen duvet covers.  Trust me don’t purchase linen unless you want to be ironing every day or if you can adjust your style to just accepting the “lived-in” look.

Want to update your style without buying new furniture?  I’ve got just the solution.  New pillows.  Market was filled with beautiful linen pillows featuring embroidered images inspired by nature.  No silk pillows to be found.  Hopefully we are finally out of that phase.  The linen pillows came in all shapes, colors and styles.  Most striking were the ones that featured dressmaker details like small pleats and tucks.  I also loved the mother of pearl and torturous shell buttons some of the designers were using.

What were the most popular motifs?


Anything with birds, nests and eggs

Horse heads (a little too Godfather for me but I saw a lot of them)

Religious symbols, such as crosses and icons

That’s it for now.  More next time for the International Builders’ show in Las Vegas.