Vicki introduces the FYH viewer to the romance of European design with the help of international designer and friend Leo Dowell.

Leo gives the grand tour of a French château inspired mansion. Vicki shares great ideas on how to add a European touch to any home.

Leo Dowell, of Leo Dowell Interiors, and Vicki show us the neighborhood that houses the magnificent Treillage. They then move into the house and discuss the many factors that make this French inspired chateau into a home.

Tip: Hang a quilt or a heavy piece of fabric to give your home a European inspired look. Age a mirror you already have or find a vintage piece and hang it in the middle of your fabric for a perfect French look! Be sure to use a vintage looking fabric and mirror so they don’t contrast.

Tip: Adding a rug or another decorative piece with a modern flair can add a touch of humor to a seriously decorated home and make guests feel more comfortable in that space.

For more information on how to get a sophisticated French look or the products seen in this episode visit Leo Dowell Interiors

Tip: Kate Houston, of Clark Hall Doors helps Vicki make her entranceway look more French while adding a great amount of curb appeal to her home.