Vicki shows us how to start from scratch when building your own custom home.

This includes the initial steps for finding the builder right for you and a suitable location.

Build for the Cure Custom Home:

  • Eric Johnson with ES Johnson Builders helps get the project started to build a custom home. The step by step process begins with finding a passionate and reputable builder that listens to the needs client. Next is finding a location that is suitable for the client that considers topography, jurisdictions and other factors.
  • Trisha Johnson is a residential designer that works with the builder and interior design to find the best space planning solutions based on how the clients lives and will function in the space.
  • Reggie Ray with Georgia Pacific constructs the subfloors with a factory applied water-repellant coating on the face and side of plywood. This coating repels water during construction. Plywood subfloors keep the floors from becoming squeaky.
  • To make your attic space more energy efficient use a radiant barrier with a craft back laminated to the roof sheathing. This can cool the attic by 30°.
  • Pre fabricated materials cute down on building costs.
  • Tim Kennedy with Icynene helps install insulation that is the next generation of high performance insulation that is renewable. It is a spray foam insulation and air barrier that uses high yield castor oil. This innovative type of insulation reduces fossil resources and green house generation. Saving 60% energy on heating and 40% energy on cooling.For more information about Iycnene’s LD-R-50™ renewable spray foam used on the Build for the Cure House, Click Here.
  • Carolina Foam Solutions is your authorized Icynene dealer in North and South Carolina. Steve Kodad helps design a space that incorporates Feng Shui attributes. A comfortable space can be created by avoiding sharp corners, using circular rugs to pull and distribute energy and placing plants strategically throughout the space.
  • Springfield community is the location of Build for the Cure House.