Start turning this house into a home by creating dream spaces.

Now the interior spaces really begin to take shape as we can express ourselves through materials like paint.

Faux Finishing and Murals:

  • Gary Lord of Prismatic Painting helps pick out various faux finishes to use throughout the space. Make sure to research your faux finish as many of them have distinctive styles.
  • Sherry Ayers from You Faux Girl, picks out a silk wallpaper finish.
  • Kim Falls from Mural Mural on the Wall paints the mural on the wall of Neverland.
  • Summer Savin from You Faux Girl uses a raspberry and pumpkin color striped with embedded circles for a faux finish in the circus room.
  • The Boy’s room faux finish was designed by Bill Mauch with Extreme Spaces.
  • Chris Miller with Miller Plastering use 3-dimensional elements on the murals to greatly enhance the aesthetic qualities of the room.
  • Cindy Andrews with Bob & Cindy Custom Finishes demonstrates how to create a unique faux finish using black paint then foil wall covering and an embedded stencil.
  • All of the materials used to create these faux finishes were provided by Faux Effects.
  • All of the faux finishers are members of the Decorative Artists of the Carolinas.


  • Cecil Adams from Currey & Co. plays up the natural elements of the view and lighting of the sun room by decorating the space with a fall/seashell theme in this space. As a twist to the sun room, it has been decorated to function as a family office with the option to transform into a party room.
  • The antique table was provided by Mary Jane Shoppers.
  • The yellow leather chairs with brass nail heads by Oly Studio are a nice compliment to the matte finish appearance of the space.
  • The carpeting in this space is by Stark Carpets.
  • The Classic Rattan Tote Basket was provided by Palecek.

Special Thanks:

  • The hardware for the draperies in the Girl’s Room was provided by Beaux Home.
  • The draperies used in the Living Room, Sunroom and Kitchen were provided by Casa Fiora.
  • All of the paintings throughout the home were provided by Shain Gallery.
  • Guild Master provided the bench at the end of the bed in the Girl’s Room and the French Cabinet in the Dining Room.
  • The outdoor furniture was provided by SCHOU.
  • All of the furniture in the living room was provided by Kincaid.
  • Vietri provided dishes and pottery which serve as great accents to the space.


  • When decorating for porches always start with “good bones” or furniture that is weather resistant and durable. Include storage for accessories or non weather treated décor. Also keep in mind versatility in furniture arrangement for the changing seasons and various functions such as outdoor entertainments.
  • Open floor plans are the current trend in homes. When deciding on décor for these open spaces, select furniture that is attractive in the front and back provides whole family seating, allows for openings, and offers thematic color across the entire floor. Add color and pattern without commitment by inserting ottomans, baskets, and pillows
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