Vicki transforms a children’s playroom into “The Greatest Show on Earth”.

  • Lynne Miller from Miller Plastering explains the inspiration and creation of the circus-themed playroom through the use of 3-D forms and 2-D forms.
  • Tim Whaley from Enviroglas explains how a “one-of-kind” recyclable flooring gives the just the sparkle needed to lighten up our center stage.
  • Trish Chambers, our Residential Designer, gives an overview of the interior architectural elements that make this home a special space.
  • Gabby Shain from Shain Gallery explains the techniques for choosing the best location for artwork to give your artwork that finished and polished look.

Cabinetry Hardware

Faux finishings
Decorative Artisans of the Carolinas with product provided by Faux Effects.

Kitchen Aid and provide by Queen City Appliances.

Shower Doors, Shelving, and Mirrors