Make those flowers last longer with these simple care tips.

Flowers from the grocery store can be just as beautiful and last just as long as the expensive ones you purchase from a florist.  It’s how you care for them that makes the difference.

1. Ask when the store receives their shipments of fresh flowers and time your shopping trip accordingly.  Do all your regular grocery shopping first and make the flowers the last item you purchase.

2. Get your flowers back into water as quickly as possible.  Always re-cut the stems and remove at least 2 inches to get past the “air block” caused by flowers being out of water.  Roses should always be cut under water to eliminate the air block from returning.

3. Make sure your vase is sparkling clean and free of any mold or fungus.

4. Strip off any leaves that will be below the water level.  Leaves begin to rot under water and cause the flowers to die prematurely.  Plus, the water looks terrible and smells even worst.

5. No need to add anything to the water.  Florist food, aspirin or soda are just old wives tells and doesn’t extend the life of the flowers.

6. Keep the flowers out of sunlight and excessive heat.

7. Add fresh water to the vase as the flowers drink it down. After 2-3 days, remove the flowers, trim 1″ off the stems and place them back into a clean vase with fresh water.

8. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and your beautiful flowers!