Left to Right: Vicki Payne, For Your Home; Joseph Freenor, CFT411; Gloria Sollecito, Kitchens for Living; Flavio Bergamin, President Blanco Canada; Paul Anater, Kitchen and Residential Design; Susan Palmer, Susan Palmer Designs; Cindy Dole, Home Wizards; Marc Nover, President Blanco America

On For Your Home we do some fantastic projects using all the latest and greatest products.  It’s not easy selecting which project we want to work with, but it is a job I truly love.  I get really excited when I have the opportunity to actually tour the factory where a product that I have selected for the show is being made.   Such was the purpose of my trip to Toronto.  The nice folks at Blanco invited me to Canada to tour their factory and attend the Interior Design Show of Canada.

The tour kick-off was a fabulous lunch at Via Allegro Restaurant.  Our group was comprised of some of today’s top Bloggers and kitchen designers.  I’ve listed their web sites below so you can follow their Blogs to help you design your new kitchen or bath.  Our hosts were Flavio Bergamin, President of Blanco Canada and Mark Nover, President of Blanco America.

Paul Anater, www.kitchenandresidentialdesign.com
Gloria Graham-Sollecito, www.kitchensforliving.net
Joseph Freenor, www.CFT411.com
Cindy Dole, www.cindydole.com
Susan Palmer, www.susanpalmerdesigns.com

The factory makes Blanco’s new granite sinks.  That’s right, granite.  It is a patented process that turns granite dust into beautiful durable sinks.  The dust is a by-product when they mine for granite slabs.

The complete manufacturing process is very clean and environmental friendly.

The granite powder is mixed with a polymer that binds the granite together.  The mixture is poured into molds, heat and the sink is formed.

The sinks are then transferred to a water jet system that trims the edges, cuts the holes for the drains and faucets.

Then they are off to the shipping department.  All along the way the sinks are inspected thouroughly to make sure you have a perfect product when it arrives at your house.

We toured the testing lab to see how well the sinks clean-up with everyday use and how durable they are.  The testing team had pre-stained a white sink for the demonstration.  Mustard, wine, ketchup you name it they easily cleaned it up with just dish soap and water.  To prove how durable these sinks are, they dropped a steel ball equal to a can of food from a height of 4 feet.  Not a chip, dent or mar.  Now that’s the kind of sink I want to design into the For Your Home kitchen projects.

The sinks are beautiful too.  They come in 7 colors including their newest one “Truffle”.

The next day we were off to the Toronto Design Show to see more of Blanco’s great granite and stainless steel sinks as well as beautifully designed faucets.

In my next Blog, I’ll share all the other wonderful discoveries I saw at the Interior Design Show.