Startling New Hue Named 2012 “Color of the Year”!

The Color Marketing Group convened its International Color Conference in San Antonio, Texas this year. From this world wide association of color designers the forecasts for trends in color and design emerge for all industries.

“Boyz-N-Berry”, a deep rich purple with slight red undertones, represents the mainstreaming of purple. It is mature and elegant yet has a youthful edginess. It reflects our changing mindset on so many issues—off center and unconventional, spiritual, meditative- yet impulsive. It is serene and in-control.

North America, South America, Asia, India and Europe had almost identical reports on this hue. We see in this color the “take back control of my life” that is entering the global consciousness.

It’s a hue for creativity and irreverence; glancing sideways at its traditional roots. From hospitality to home, from youth market to luxury goods, purple has as much masculine as feminine appeal. Real men wear purple.

 “Boyz-N-Berry” in design projects.

• Purple is the complement to yellow which the underlying color of the new lighter wood tones. It makes a wonderful accent color for spaces that are either wood heavy or have elements with a yellow cast prevalent in many laminates and vinyls.

• A warm taupe teamed with purple will induce a feeling of trust and serenity. [Yellow and purple is said to be the most healing combination]

• Creams and whites added to purple create a sense of fresh openness. Whites constituted a large part of the color story representing the consumer “need” for cleansing and renewal.

• Grey paired with purple and cream completes understated elegance. Pop it with brighter hues for youth appeal.

Updating color need not be budget breaking. It can be as simple as accent walls, art and rugs, updating color in guest services brochures for hospitality projects or strategically placed color in display walls for retail. Adding the right color can soothe and inspire your client into a more positive experience that will enhance their life and your bottom line.

Color formulation for “Boyz-N-Berry” matches Sherwin Williams’ #SW6839 Kimono Violet