FYH Color Pallet

2013 colors are sophisticated options that invite you to embrace a neutral pallet For Your Home.  Pantone predicts that neutrals will make a major comeback during the next design cycle.  The bright, shocking colors of the last couple seasons will give away to a more soothing backdrop for this year’s trendy accessories, lighting and furniture.  Neutrals need not be boring, or colorless.  Focal points are not always based on color.  Folded and sculptural shapes, intriguing textures, luminous finishes and an emphasis on nature inspired motifs such as feathers create opportunities for focal statements that transcend even reliance on color.

Color Movements

  • Lighter blues and navy increase in importance.
  • Leathery brown becomes more important as a basic.
  • Olive becomes stronger.
  • Purple is still evident.
  • Brights have a singular status for winter.
  • Camel evolves into cappuccino and creamy hues.
  • Yellows become softer and less sporty.
  • Reds are becoming more orange.
  • Traditional winter darks and berry colors are more mid-toned and less blackened.

For Your Home Color Pallet

The For Your Home color story includes warm, easy, classic neutral tones that can easily slip into anyone’s design plans.

Pantone Colors

  • Burlap 16 0726 TCX
  • Butternut #7505 U
  • Butter #7402 U
  • Crimson #1935 U
  • Wisteria #665 U
  • Grape #274U
  • Blue Bonnet 2756 U
  • Iris #287U
  • Hyacinth #646U
  • Blue Egg #5513U
  • Sea #441 U
  • Ivy #616U
  • Moss #582 U
  • Cool Grey 3 U
  • Warm Gray 5 U
  • Warm Gray 11 U
  • Black U
  • Black

For Your Home Collections

These 18 colors mix and blend together to create three new neutral color stories.

Easy Living

Easy Living — 2013 interior decorating trends focus on long term value and warmth. Home owners with more disposable income, having learned how to be patient and wait, will want top value for their hard earned money and will be less likely to settle on less than ideal surroundings. Interior decorating is shifting from a “where can I save the most money” attitude into a “what will I love in this area” mentality right now. Increased means makes for increased expectations and real long term value and comfort, 2013 is looking bright.

  • 1935U
  • 476 U
  • 7402 U
  • 646 U
  • 7505 U
  • 287 U



Tribeca – Urban flight has become a round trip as millions of Americans return to the urban areas of their cities and towns.  Higher gas prices, longer work hours and the need to feel more locally connected have helped to revitalize many urban areas.  Housing tends to be smaller in size and more industrial in feel and materials.  A softer color pallet laden with texture is a great way to warm up these spaces and turn close quarters into a homey and inviting environment.

  • 441 U
  • Cool Gray 3 U
  • Warm Gray 11 U
  • Black
  • Warm Gray 5 U
  • 582 U
  • Black U


Soft ContemporarySoft Contemporary — Opening spaces within a traditional home to create a floor plan that flows is high on the list for homeowners today.  A soft contemporary design is more natural, it’s fluid, it fits into the environment, doesn’t make hard statements. The use of traditional materials and colors provide a softer edge to historic contemporary and gives them that very traditional feel.

  • 646 U
  • 665 U
  • Cool Gray 3 U
  • 5513 U
  • 616U
  • 274 u
  • 2756 U
  • 287 U

Home Décor Features and Motifs

Home Decor

Highly stylized decor features in a home are sought after in 2013 leading to a greater appreciation of features such as exposed wooden beams, stone flooring, marble tops and textured walls. Creature comforts that make a home unique may also see expanded inclusion of artwork, statues and antique tables.

Down to Earth Motifs

Down to earth motifs featuring bamboo, shells, stained glass and stone-framed elements are more likely to be trending upwards in terms of use. Conversely plastics and other artificial materials are less likely to be incorporated into home decor designs.

French and Renaissance Themes

French and renaissance themes are always highly coveted when money is less of an impacting factor on the overall design. French doors to the bedroom or patio are popular 2013 home decor trends, as are prints by great artists such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh and Monet. Flowers and floral patterns are popular so long as the design is not heavy or overbearing.

Botanicals and Insect Prints

Botanicals and insect prints will continue to flourish in popularity.  It’s an easy way to bring the outside in and to achieve that “in harmony with nature” look.

The Tribal Look

The Tribal look has evolved into a more relaxed Bohemian style.  It is especially strong  in fashion, drapes and bedding.  Many of these designs incorporate hand printed block designs that are easy to use and can transition into many decorating styles.  2-3 color mixes are the best use of color with these prints.  When playing off a neutral décor this style gives you a great opportunity to splash color into the room.

Neutral Decor

Wallpaper is making a big comeback.  A busy printed large scale design requires simple bedding and upholstery fabrics.  Great opportunity create shower curtains that have the look of wallpaper with solid accessories and towels.  Bedding that looks like wallpaper is also a good alternative for those a little timid about stepping into the world of actual wallpaper.

Neutrals with a hit of color

Neutrals with a hit of color in the main motif create great impact.  The scroll pattern softens the look of black and cream.  Edging neutrals with bands of color as well as linings in contrasting colors keeps the pallet neutral but adds interest.

Indian cotton print design

Chevrons are everywhere.  This isn’t the old flame stitch but much cleaner and easier to incorporate into fashion and home décor.  Horizontal strips, the wider the better.  Two or three colors can create a clean chevron or stripe pattern that can be repeated over and over again.

Ideas to consider

  • Turkish Towels
  • Reversible Towels