This project was so big it took two shows to cover all the work that Vicki and her crew did to the home.

Once the hardscape was completed, it was time to turn the project over to the FYH landscape crew. Working with the existing plantings and layout of the front yard, they transplanted trees, roses, flowers and other planting to improve the appearance of the home’s front yard.

Then turning their attention to the backyard, the crew leveled the sunken yard, and installed new sod, plantings and seasonal flowers. As a final touch, the backdoor was replaced, enhancing the overall look of the back of the home. You’ll find it’s amazing what can be accomplished by working with existing materials and talented landscapers in this conclusion of our Outdoor Living series!

Growing Legacy Landscaping

Southern Landscape Design Tech

Panoramic Farm

Super Sod

Deck Lighting
Aurora Deck Lighting

Door Installation
Two Handyman Guys