I love hearing from all my FYH viewers. I feel like I’m truly involved in helping design and support each and every one of you as you decorate your homes and brighten your spaces.

Like when my best friends call and say, “Can you stop by and give me some advice about what color to paint this room?” or “Do you think this chair looks good here?” To me my viewers are my friends.

You may think that your questions are unique but I’ve noticed over the years that there are a lot of similarities. So, I’ve put together my best answers to the top 10 questions I get. I’ll share one question with you each week.

This week’s Question: What Color to Paint?

Start with a color palette. Each room in your home should flow from space to space. That doesn’t mean you can’t use color, it just means that you need to think about where that color is going to be used and most importantly the tone. That’s what color selecting is all about. Shade is just a lighter or darker version of a color. That isn’t the same as tone.

We’ve all tried to match one shade of beige to another shade of beige without success. Some beige’s look pink, others more tan. That’s because every color has undertones. Example: whites can be tinted with grays, browns, black. It’s that undertone that gives color it’s warm or cool tones. The trick is to pick a color that will be your “Base Color”. It has to have a base tone that matches the furniture, rugs and accessories that you will be using in that space. No one can afford to start from scratch so we have to work with what we have.

I’ve been using the same tone base color for my house for over 30 years. A warm soft gold for the walls and creamy white for the woodwork. Before I paint a room blue (or any color) I make sure it works with my base color. That allows me to move my furniture and accessories from room to room because I know they will all match. My gold arm chair in my living room is the same tone of gold as the sisal rug that I have in my bedroom, just two shades darker.

What Color to Paint

In my new house I painted the walls and ceilings in my common spaces with Sherwin Williams Creamy (SW7012). The woodwork is Pure White (SW 7005). But I used lots of color throughout the rest of the house.

What Color to Paint

The master bedroom is Tidewater (blue) another Repose Gray, an office Tricorn black, laundry room Crystal Clear (aqua) with a Lily (pale yellow) ceiling, all Sherwin Williams colors. It all works beautifully together and flows from room to room, because the undertones are spot on. This is my color palette. What’s yours?