Paris Macarons

Welcome back! Next, it was time to take a break from all this rugged bread and meats and sample Paris’ most popular sweet…the Macaron! These are colorful little cookies that come in assorted colors and an unlimited array of flavors. Everyone and I do mean everyone, sells the popular treat but as we discovered, they are not all created equal. During our visit to Gregory Renard’s Cacao and Macarons shop on Due Daubenton we sampled some of his wonderful exotic flavors such as lavender, salted chocolate, lemon, pomegranate and pistachio, just to name a few.

Macaron OwnerThe owner was very generous with his time and we all learned how these little treats are made. We also discovered that they are at their peak flavor for just a few hours so taking them home as souvenirs is not a good idea. It’s much better, as we learned, to eat them on the spot! With such a handsome Frenchman why not stay awhile and enjoy all the treats!

Next…Chocolate! Mococha’s offers the most wonderful chocolates from three master chocolatiers. We had to wait our turn as this is a very popular and busy shop. Once you sample her stock you know why. I’m not a chocolate lover. I know, I know. Must be the only women in the world that isn’t crazy for chocolate but then maybe if I lived in Paris I would become just as addicted as the rest of you. They have amazing chocolates everywhere you go.

Our final stop after a brief visit to the wine shop was Androquet. This is where the fromager comes into play. This historic house is staffed by a master cheesemonger (fromager) who knows his inventory in and out. Patrick is the embodiment of cheese joy. The selection of cheeses was the largest I have ever seen in one small shop. The aroma is heavy and lingers with you for a few minutes after you leave the shop.

Paris Cheese

My favorites were the goat cheeses and Roquefort. The prices were one of the best surprises in all of Paris. For just a few Euros you could buy some wonderful cheeses that would have cost $12-$20 each in the states. Finally a good bargain in Paris!

All along the walk, in each shop we visited, Meg had carried on a musical conversation all in French with the shop keepers and made wonderful selections and purchases for our grand foodie finale. On a table the staff at Androquet set up right outside their shop, Meg spread out all the goodies and wine that she had been purchasing on our behalf that afternoon. It was time to sample, drink and enjoy the wonderful taste of Paris.


The tour was fun, tasty, very informative and we met some wonderful foodies. It was a terrific recommendation from my friend and we all really enjoyed the afternoon. Then it was time to catch a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower just as the lights started to sparkle. What a amazing first day in Paris!

Tomorrow it’s off to the Paris Flea Market!