Everyone needs a place to organize all those little notes and lists that keeps us on track and on schedule. This project is fast, easy and very versatile. I’ve seen some really darling ones on Pinterest, in catalogues and we certainly made our share of them on For Your Home.

You can dress it up by framing it in any size wooden frame or keep it simple without a frame. You determine the size of board you would like to make. The quantity of materials you will need will change with the size and style of board you are making.


  • Wood frame (optional)
  • Homosote board cut to size
  • Fabric (2”- 3” wider and longer than the size of board that you want to make)
  • Staple Gun and staples
  • Ribbon (see instructions for amount)
  • Upholstery Tacks (see instructions for amount)

Getting Started:

Homosote is a material made from compressed cardboard. It’s surface is easy to pin into and very durable. You can find Homosote at home improvement centers. It is sold in 4’ x 8’ sheets. Most stores will cut the board to size for you. If not it can be cut with a circular saw or shape utility knife. These boards are so much fun to make that you will want to make several so don’t worry that you will have too much Homosote. They also make great gifts for teachers, friends and family.

Note: Don’t use ceiling tile or cardboard. They don’t hold up over time.

  1. If you will be framing your bulletin board then cut your Homosote board ¼” smaller than the opening on the back of your frame. This will allow for the space the fabric and ribbon. Make sure the front of your frame will completely cover all 4 edges of your Homosote board.

If you don’t plan to frame your bulletin board then just cut your Homosote to any size bulletin board you want to make.

  1. Select the fabric for your project. Almost any smooth surface fabric will work. I’ve used cotton, velvet, burlap, felt and wool. Prints and solids both look great. Cut your fabric 2”-3” larger than the size of board you are making. Press your fabric!! Get all the wrinkles out now!!
  2. Select the ribbon or cording that you want to use on your board. You will need to decide how many rolls of ribbon you want to have on the finished board to determine how many yards you will need. Add 2” to the length of each strip so you will have enough to wrap around to the back of your board. Press your ribbon if necessary now!
  3. Select the upholstery tacks you would like to use to accent your bulletin board. Make sure the tacks are not longer that the thickness of your Homosote board. You want them long enough to hold the ribbon securely but not so long that they stick completely through the back of the board. You will need one tack for each time the ribbons intersect.
  4. Spread your pressed fabric face down on a table or countertop. Position the Homosote on top of the fabric making sure the fabric extends 1”-1 ½” around all sizes. Starting in the middle of one side, fold the fabric over the edge of the board and staple in place. Repeat this step on all four sides. Make sure the fabric is taunt to the board but stretching the fabric is not necessary.
  5. Continue folding the fabric over all the edges of the board. Securing it every 2” with a staple. Gently fold the corners neatly and staple.
  6. Measure the placement of your ribbons on the board. You can arrange them in grid pattern of squares, rectangles or diamonds. Don’t place them too close or too far apart. Remember what you will be displaying on your board and position them accordingly. Secure the ribbons with an upholstery tack at each intersection.
  7. Bring the ribbons to the back of the board and secure with staples.
  8. Fit your bulletin board into your picture frame and secure with small finishing nails. If you aren’t using a frame you can add hangers to the back of your Homosote. Hangers are available in the hardware section of your home improvement store. You can mount the hangers to the Homosote with nails or screws.

Here are some of my favorites from Pinterest!