The timing of my annual trip to Napa was perfect. Not only was the weather beautiful, warm and sunny but it happened to coincide with the Napa Film Festival. Believe it or not I’ve never been to an independent film festival, this was my first. What a treat! We bought a day pass which allowed you to see as many movies as you can squeeze in from 10am to 9pm. Prior to each movie there was a wine tasting, even at 10 in the morning, of course it is Napa! Each movie was followed by a Q&A the Director and some of the cast members. Check out the highlight reel HERE.
Pic2Pic1We saw two movies. “One Small Hitch” with Audrey Dollar and Shane McRae was very funny, and “Putzel” directed by Jason Chaet and staring Melanie Lynskey. I’ve loved her work on Two and Half Men. I got to chat with Melanie and it made my trip! There were plenty of Hollywood elite and Oscar potential movies everywhere you went, including Nebraska, August: Osage County, Philomena and Saving Mr. Banks.
It was such fun cruising through the vineyards from one viewing to the next, stopping into some of my favorite restaurants and vineyards, but more about that and great food in my next Blog post!
I’ve already purchased my tickets for this year’s festival, November 12-16. This time I’m doing the entire 5 days! Check it out HERE, and I hope to see you in Napa!