The distance between runway fashions and home décor gets shorter every season. This spring designers such as Givenchy, St. Laurent and Altuzarra stole the stage with lustrous shine for both day and night. Lust-worthy mirrored handbags and metallic mukluks had fashionistas begging for more and sent the hearts of interior designers into alpha rhythms.


Hooker Furniture has introduced the Montage King Poster Bed. The champagne-colored metallic finish blends easily with contemporary, French or traditional décor.

Metallic finishes also have arrived to bring warmth and beauty to your home’s décor as cooler weather approaches. Whether you decide to go gold, silver, copper or mix them all together, these gleaming tones work in every setting.

Try mixing metallics with black and white for a modern look. The look softens the hard edges of black and white color combinations, making it fun and chic. If classic is more your style, pair gold or silver with neutral tones such as gray and beige. A gold picture frame hung on a gray wall is subtle and warm. Silver trays and lamps pair with cool beige, giving it a more fashionable style.

Modest touches of metallic can be introduced into a room through accessories. Designer Connie Post’s Essentials collection for Imax is an unpretentious mix of glamor and sophistication. Her luxe-inspired garden stool or gold-lidded jars make it easy to incorporate the look into your home’s existing décor. Spark up a solid color or tweed sofa with metallic accented pillows. Mix and match silvers, gold tones and even colored metallics.

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold. A silver- or gold-leafed ceiling or a stenciled wall could be just the punch you need to liven up a dining room or powder room.

A bedroom can be transformed into a luminous paradise when metallic furniture is incorporated into the mix. Hooker Furniture has introduced the Montage King Poster Bed. An exquisite blending of silver and gold, the champagne-colored metallic finish of the chic and regal bed blends perfectly with contemporary, French or traditional décor.

Metallic transformations can be achieved as easily as picking up a can of spray paint. Unlike some elaborate finishes, metallics are easy to apply. Paint manufacturers have improved their products, so even a beginning decorator can turn a simple side table into a stunning accent piece. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Paint is cheap and so are lots of discarded side tables and dressers. Lamp bases are easy to transform, as are shades, photo frames and wastebaskets.

You can turn your dining room into a warm and inviting space for fall entertaining by painting the top half of the room or the ceiling. Remember rag rolling from the ’90s? With metallic paint you can update that look. Start by painting your wall with a silver metallic paint, and then dip a cloth into metallic paint that is a shade lighter or darker than the base coat. Roll the rag across the surface. Experiment on foam core or cardboard before you tackle the wall.

Experiment with metallic finishes now as you prepare for the fall holiday season. You’ll love the look, and your guests will think you are so chic and on trend.