Wrap Yourself in Comfort and SavingStuds in exterior walls can be a major culprit in reducing your home’s energy efficiency. They create “thermal bridging,” which occurs when materials with poor insulating properties contact each other, allowing energy to flow through. And because 25 percent of a wall is composed of studs, that’s like having one whole wall of your house uninsulated.

The solution? Insulated siding, which works like a blanket over your home’s studs. It reduces thermal bridging so heat stays outside in summer and warmth stays inside during winter — reducing the energy needed to heat and cool your home.

Even better, insulated siding is now recognized as a form of continuous insulation and is proven to save energy, it can help homes qualify for incentives under a variety of state, local, and utility programs, as well as the ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes Program.

Click here for an interactive map to see just some of the opportunities available to you to offset your energy costs, or here to learn more about insulated siding.