If every color in the home has a story behind it, the trend for blue has a beautiful tale to tell.

Shades of blue refresh us, bringing a sense of authenticity indoors in ways that only Nature, the master of color, could imagine.

To see the inspiration for todays new blues, and find colors that naturally go with them, look to the outdoors — whether it’s a bright blue sky over golden fields of wheat, a grey-blue heron flying low over a misty lake, or the aqua-blue rush of a towering waterfall.

At times of turmoil in our busy world, these endless variations of blue have the power to both lift our spirits and calm our souls. They can be soothing and they can be exciting. They can be cool and they can be warm. They can be anything we want them to be. This is why blues are among the most versatile color choices for homes.

To set the tone in any room, consider using blue-toned cabinetry finishes as a backdrop for any effect you want to create. Here are some ways you can use them to change the feel of a space.

Add more atmosphere with blues
Some of the newest cabinetry finishes evoke the colors of the skies and ever-changing weather effects, bringing an airy, outdoor feel to your indoor space.

Decorá has an atmospheric Fog finish that you can use either as an anchor color or as a complementary color in a room. Another option is Omega’s Pumice, a soft translucent gray-blue that lets a cabinet’s natural wood grain show through.

Bring on the brilliant blues
If bright shiny blues are for you, consider acrylic cabinet finishes reminiscent of earth’s naturally occurring metallic effects. Colors like Metallic Sapphire and Wired Cobalt from Kitchen Craft create striking color and a sleek, streamlined look.

Mix and match with blues
The trend for mixing and matching cabinets also lends itself to blue because it pairs so well with other colors. A kitchen island finished in Blue Lagoon mixes beautifully with wall cabinets in a deep brown truffle color, bringing the colors of the water and the forest together in one space.

Create your own custom blues
For the ultimate in personalized color selection, consider custom finishes that allow you to create just the right shades of blue for your space, and use them to tell your own color story.

Kitchen Craft Metallic Sapphire (top)
Omega island in Blue Lagoon Finish (bottom)

Kitchen Craft Metallic Sapphire

Omega island in Blue Lagoon Finish