boudior-pmTwice a year High Point, North Carolina turns on its lights and is bombarded with home centric buyers that are shopping the Furniture Market. For the past 20 years I have been part of that herd.

A common malady experienced at market is a ferocious case of visual overload.

Several years ago while I was on the hunt for something fresh, I found myself wandering the maze of showrooms. Many manufacturers tend to duplicate rather than innovate style. So, whenever I see something trend worthy my pulse quickens. I slow down and quietly approach the piece like I am on a product Safari.

This is what happened the day that I saw these pillows. I let out an unconscious gasp. They were extraordinary. As I held each pillow with a bit too much affection, I knew that these designs where the Michelangelo of pressed art.

Moments later I learned the designer’s name was Aviva Stanoff and that she is a textile Goddess.

Each one of her pieces is unique, special and truly spectacular.

01She imprints eucalyptus, sea fans and recently has even ventured into pressing lingerie into sumptuous velvet, which she then sews in to plump down pillows.

She transforms nature by embedding objects into fabric. In her words….“The flower falls away but it’s image remains, forever captured in velvet with all nature’s perfections and imperfections.”

After seeing a massive rack of her decadent pillows at ABC carpet of NY, which happens to be the retail mecca of dreamers and designers. I wrote to her to ask her if she would select 2 of her creations for my new nest.

sea-fan1As I write this they are making their way coast to coast, from California to Florida. I am Christmas Eve happy with suspense.

Perhaps I suffer from an attachment disorder, but I am already worrying about keeping them safe. If there is ever a fire, I may have to fasten them to my back and army crawl out of the blaze.

They are luxurious pieces of huggable art.

To see her entire drool worthy designs visit her at

The barefooted designer,