screen-shot-2015-05-25-at-12-35-26-amImagine for a moment that you had the personal phone numbers to the most influential, savvy thinkers in the country.

Boom, right there in your contacts are the digits to world leaders, spiritual gurus, renown chefs and business tycoons.

Got some guest coming over and you need to whip up an impressive appetizer. How about calling Bobby Flay for a quick dish suggestion.

Ring up Michael Jordan if you need some tips on sinking a 3 pointer.

Buy a new home that needs work (like I did) and you will want to chat with the “All Star Renovator” Vickie Payne.

Now, here’s the amazing thing… I actually do have her number, and I did call her.

Just to be clear, she is the only famous person that I have the ability to direct dial.

If you wonder how I have the Home Whisperer’s phone number, it’s because we met over a decade ago at a Furniture Show. I was blithering on about a line that I had co-created. She was looking for stories for her blockbuster TV show.

Vickie invited me to be a guest on her show.

When I arrived at the FYH studio her team prepped me with a few calming TV tips. Since the show isn’t live, they tell you not to worry if you fumble during the interview, just keep talking and they will edit your flubs out later. We almost never stop the tape, they said. The make up woman came over with foundation on a sponge and gave me dab (yeah they actually do that in real life) and I was shown to a chair on the set.

I sat down with the microphone pinned to my jacket.

A camera with a bright light was pointed at me. Vickie tossed a super simple question my way and I went wide-eyed and utterly silent.

My normal somewhat breezy personality chose this very moment to seize up. That’s when I heard, what I was warned seldom happens, they yelled “Cut, let’s start again.”

Fast forward many years and a couple of televised interviews later and we have become friends. Whenever I drive through Charlotte, I look for any excuse to stay at her house. (who wouldn’t ) Occasionally, we just have a big ole life gab and share some laughs.

Soon after I bought my Sarasota nest and began thinking about renovating the kitchen, two bathrooms and busting down some walls to make a big guest bedroom … I decided to call “The Renovator.”

We spoke for a while. Even though I have done quite a bit of design work, I am skittish about weight bearing walls and pulling permits.

It was on that call that Vickie hatched this plan.

What happens if a furniture girl (me) turned into a bloggess and wrote about her journey while renovating and decorating her house?

Head up, I have a pitifully small budget so I’am going to have to be a scrappy and creative.

Gotta go, I am on the hunt for talented team of fixers and artists to make this into the Zen Den that I crave.

The barefooted designer,