Do you have any chairs with sad or stained fabric seat covers? You know, the kind of cushions that you can pop off with a few screws.

Well, I did. I had 4 dingy kitchen chairs that I had lugged to last 3 homes. Each cushion sported a memorable stain.

My friend, Jane, was the first to fling a buttery lobster claw on the newly unwrapped seats. She had to eat on the front porch whenever she visited after that. Then there where the countless hazelnut coffee dribbles from my sleepy morning slurps and recently a dirty Sasquatch sized footprint made its way to the seat. Since I mostly live alone, this was particularly disturbing.

Rather than troll the aisles of the local fabric store, I love hitting the towel section for a cool covering. They are plush, comfy and look pretty stinkin’ amazing covering a seat cushion.


chaircoverA regular towel will cover 2 seats and they come in killer patterns like chevrons and Moroccan tile designs.

All you need is a sharp pair of scissors and a heavy duty staple gun for the project. A little sneaky trick is to use the old seat cushion as the pattern outline for the new seat cover.

Another bonus, is if you are fresh out of the pool or shower it’s pretty convenient to plop down for a guilt free sit.

The barefooted designer,