If you haven’t heard by now, let me be the first to tell you that I got married August 29th to the love of my life, Mr. Jerry Donatelli. After four years of fun, travel and shared experiences of renovating two houses I knew this was the guy for me. He is charming, talented, supportive, and handsome and makes me laugh everyday.


Our wedding was held across the street from our house in a private park. We invited 50 of our dearest friends and family to join in our celebration. The civil ceremony was in the rose garden followed by a champagne toast and dinner party on the lawn. We wrapped up the evening with dancing under the stars and the release of sky lanterns.


I had lots of fun planning the event. Jerry was very active throughout the process and unlike many grooms his eyes didn’t glaze over after viewing the hundredth posting on my Pinterest site.

I started posting my ideas on a public Pinterest board but quickly learned that doesn’t work unless you want everyone to know all your advanced plans. When I posted a dress I liked I had girlfriends from as far away as Texas (where I grew up) texting me their disapproval or thumbs up. I quickly switched to a secret Pinterest Board that I’ve now opened up to everyone. So enjoy by clicking here.

First let me say that planning your second wedding when you are in your mid 60’s (that’s right Jerry and I are both 65) is a lot different that planning your first. By the time you’ve reach my age you know your style. But finding it is much more difficult.

Just like any new bride I want to share all the details, so for the next few weeks I’ll be blogging about the planning process, dress, flowers, food and honeymoon. But today, let’s start with the Dress.

wedding03Everyone will tell you that it’s all about the dress. It sets the tone and the style of the wedding. A formal dress means a fancy wedding; simple dress, simple wedding. But that doesn’t mean a bride shouldn’t be able to daydream. I suggest that you let your young heart enjoy the shopping experience for a couple of months until you hit on the style, color and the look you want.

I hadn’t planned on wearing white but Jerry had a different idea. So I went with white. After all ladies whom are we dressing for; the guests or the groom? And incase you are wondering, I didn’t let him see the dress or learn any of the details until I met him and our friends in the rose garden.

Finding a white dress that wasn’t too sexy, too formal, too old lady (think mother of the bride) took some time and lots of online shopping and returning. Thank goodness for free shipping and returns.

wedding05I ended up finding my perfect dress in a local dress shop. I’d never shopping there before and just stopped in on a whim. The minute I saw it I knew it was the one. I tried it on, it fit perfect and even with my gray Converse sneakers I loved the look. When the sales lady offered me a pair of silver Jimmy Coo’s to complete the look the deal was sealed.

I bought the dress but passed on the shoes. $900 was way over my shoe allowance! But they were beautiful. It would take me two months before I found shoes that could erase the Jimmy Coos from my mental wish list. I went with blue satin pumps with a rhinestone buckle from Zapoo’s. Love their free shipping policy.

Jerry wore linen slacks and jacket. I shopped for his pocket square. A wonderful young man at Nordstrom’s suggested the perfect one. He folded it just so. I agreed to buy it on the condition that he’d pin it to keep that fold. I could never duplicate his technique.

My maid of honor was Ray Moore. She has been my best friend since we were in the second grade. She has always cracked me up. As you can see as we shared a laugh after the I do’s. Jerry’s best man was his son Brett.


Having him and my son Tony there was such a delight. They are two of the funniest, kindest guys I know.


Next time I’ll share the wedding décor, menu and flowers.

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