Trend alert…

For several years now, the Turkish rug merchants have been taking their old worn out and often thread-bare rugs and completely transforming them. In fact their up-cycled carpets are so incredible that they started a major trend here in the Unites States.

pink-rugAre you curious what they did to transform those formerly trot upon carpets? They dipped them in vats of vibrant colored dye. That’s right, they steeped their vintage rugs, like a big awkward teabag, in barrels of magentas, aquas and apple green colored dye to create something that is, well simply put … breathtaking.

Aside from the mythically gorgeous color, some of the magic is credited to when the original pattern peaks through, making it appear like you inherited a cool carpet from a hip grandmother.

About 5 years ago, the legendary trend leader and retailer ABC Carpet of NY was the first to introduce these jaw dropping styles. They were seriously stunning and cost about as much as a compact car.

Now, there are many versions of this popular rug design. Every savvy rug manufacturer has attempted to mass-produce the aged style. However, if you are a purist, then the Turkish, one of a kind rugs, are still considered the go to source for over-dyed rugs.

If you love the look but are color phobic, they have begun dying them in subtler Starbucks colors too, which are spectacularly earthy while still offering the same fascination.

grey-rugI have been crushing on these dipped rugs for years.

Now that I live somewhere hot enough to slow roast a chicken in my driveway, this is the ideal time to toss one of these beauties over my bare floor. The rugs are often sheared to look more weathered and have a thinner pile, which is awesome in the sizzling heat or in a sun deprived space, since it makes a room feel cozy but not too heavy.

Last night, as the Late, Late Night Show was airing, I landed on a website that made my pulse quicken. I was staring at a swoon worthy collection of these deliciously dipped rugs. I knew they were the true-Turkish deal. Since they’re one of kind, you have to find the one that speaks to you and these babies were whispering right into my ear. I was so inspired that I shot the owner, Cem Marek, an email and asked if we could chat.

While he has never dipped a rug himself, he is a major importer and his prices are surprisingly reasonable (insert happy, joyous sounds here).

I have to confess to flip flopping over whether to buy the green one or the grey one, so I got both. It was a worthy splurge.

Cem’s buisness is booming with the help of Fed Ex and his wife.

For a peak at his every changing collection visit his Etsy shop “Cem Market”, by clicking here.

The barefooted designer,