Sherwin Williams new Colormix 2016’s Charming Pink SW6309 becomes a neutral backdrop for a variety of eclectic color palates. www.sherwinwilliams.com

I’m ready for some color. We’ve been locked in this neutral world of gray, cream and taupe far too long. It’s time to break out the paint rollers, do a little furniture shopping and head to the art galleries. Adding color is affordable and can be rendered in large or small doses.

Jackie Jordan, color marketing director of Sherwin-Williams was in Charlotte last week to present the 2016 Colormix palate. An accomplished speaker and well respected color expert, Jackie never fails to inspire you to pick up a gallon of paint on your way home and totally transform your spaces.

This year was no exception; out of the four different colormixes she presented the most intriguing for me, was the Mas Amor Por Favor (More Love Please). Inspired by the concept that change begins locally and driven by social engagements as much as social media. It’s the coming together to rediscover the pleasures of intimate gatherings, garden parties, personalized outdoor weddings and vintage florals.

Multifamily living is back, and this palette connects across generations: dashing greens and cheeky pinks with a flower power that’s as crisply modern as it is soulfully vintage.


A giclee on canvas is a wonderful, affordable way to add color to a neutral palate. Pauline by Robin Wolfenden is available from rfa décor. www.rfadecor.com

As a decorator that has always thrived in a white décor I must admit that I am very impressed with all of today’s options for adding a vibrant splash of color. Some require picking up a paintbrush while others call for a hammer and nail to hang new artwork.

rfa décor’s new collection from Robin Wolfenden pops with color. Wolfenden, a talented multi-media artist, newest passion is Nihonga, a Japanese-style painting technique using pigments derived from natural ingredients. Her style is to add layers of color to create flamboyant “mosaic-like” works of art. rfadécor has made her art affordable for the masses by reprinting them as giclees on canvas.

Furniture provides another option to introduce color to your décor. I believe every piece of furniture you purchase should not only be functional but exclusive to your décor. Bellini Modern Living is introducing a new division, Bellini Italian Home, at this fall’s Furniture Market in High Point. Part of this collection includes an juxtaposition of organic and machine-made elements in its Floral Sideboard.
Fusing contemporary minimalist with a tropical aesthetic, the Flora Sideboard by Bellini Italian Home features a white, high gloss finish around the body and legs with a floral fabric mounted to the door fronts. www.bellinimodernliving.com

A minimalist, wood frame makes up the piece, finished in a white, high gloss lacquer. A floral motif fabric is then applied over the door fronts. The effect creates an unparalleled approach to enliven a neutral palate. Consider going a step further and place it in front of a navy or royal blue painted wall.


Delano Leather Chair in the peacock blue adds the perfect pop of masculine color for a library, study or den. www.bernhardt.com

Occasional chairs provide unlimited opportunities to splash color into lackluster rooms and spaces. Bernhardt’s Delano leather chair in peacock blue masquerades as a neutral until placed in a monotone setting. It is just blue enough to draw the eye while not overpowering its surroundings. Looking to be more daring? Toss an orange or yellow throw pillow onto the Delano. Bam, sudden impact!

Adding color to your décor can be as simple as painting a wall, slipcovering a chair, framing your children’s colorful artwork or stitching up new throw pillows. It doesn’t require a huge decorating budget or a massive remodel. Color provokes excitement, generates energy and inspires change.

Viva la color!