I don?t know why everyone is always looking for the ?new black?. I see nothing wrong with black just being black. Its use on either cabinetry or walls is sure to emphasize contrast and evoke a dramatic mood. When done right, it can also convey a classy and sophisticated elegance that you just don?t get with color. You can even begin the transformation of your home by getting your exterior doors from a design service similar to PLASTPRO.

Black creates the perfect backdrop for white painted moldings, artwork and furniture. A foyer painted black can convey sophistication or an ardent mood depending on the furnishings and accessories. Rich, stained woods and oriental rugs set a more formal tone. The same space accented with white moldings, painted or light finished furniture and a sisal rug speaks to the playful spirit of the homeowner.

Black will Always Be the New Black
Black kitchens are replacing the gray of yesterday. Sleek, smooth cabinet fronts and brass patina accents create a kitchen that defies design labels. MasterBrand Cabinetry.

Walls aren?t the only surfaces that benefit from the drama of black. Consider painting a ceiling in shinny black gloss. The lustrous finish will reflect light making the ceiling appear taller than actuality.

High gross black ceilings reflect light and make ceilings appear taller. Sherwin-Williams.

Interior and exterior doors painted black are the foundation for classic, traditional d?cor. Hardware finishes enable black to reinvent itself again and again. Add chrome or brushed nickel hardware and the style is contemporary or modern. Brass hardware shifts the same door into a timeless classic.

One of the hottest trends in windows is black mullions and frames (which would look even better with some Roswell replacement windows). The dark grids virtually disappear allowing full access to the view outside thus expanding the visual dimension of the interior spaces.

Planning a new kitchen? Consider black. ?When it comes to cabinetry, the current trend in black finishes are those that have depth of color. This means the texture of the finish allows for variety in light reflectivity, or the translucency of the finish has color variation in the grain from deep black to dark charcoal.

When using black or any other dark colors in the kitchen or bath space, homeowners should make sure that there is plenty of light. This can come from plentiful window placement or integration of LEDs throughout the space and within the cabinetry. Says Stephanie Pierce, senior manager of the design studio at MasterBrand Cabinets.

Black will Always Be the New Black

A foyer painted black and accented with white furnishings and artwork create a playful atmosphere. Sherwin-Williams.

Not all hues are created equal. Getting the right one can be as challenging as finding that perfect little black dress. According to Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing, ?The trick with black is selecting the right shade for the space and mood you want to create.

Black Fox (SW 7020) is an off-black with luscious chocolate undertones that give a nice warmth. Caviar (SW 6990) is a black that is sophisticated and classic with subtle softness. Tricorn Black (SW 6258) is Sherwin-Williams most popular black? The truest of true blacks.?

Application is key. Black can be a bit problematic to apply especial high gross finishes on ceilings. Best to call in the professional painters for this job. But transforming the walls in your foyer or a room is an easy DIY project.

Don?t shy away from black because you think it will make your rooms look smaller, the ceiling too low or the room too dark. These concerns are not justified. After all, it?s only paint.

Black walls framed with white moldings and cabinetry set a crisp clean stage for creativity. MasterBrand Cabinetry.