Creative Kitchen Storage

Wall mounted shelves with led lighting add storage and interest to a blank kitchen wall. Photo courtesy of For Your Home.

What do you do when you don’t have enough cabinet space? Our grandmothers used china cabinets to store away their seldom-used dishes, serving pieces and linens. It was a great solution to a common problem.

Today china cabinets are old fashioned and represent a by-gone era. Many of us don?t even have dining rooms any longer. They’ve been converted into home offices, dens or playrooms. But storage space is still an issue.

Solution? Open shelving. If wall space permits, wall mounted shelves can provide that much-needed storage as well as adding interest to a bare wall. If you don’t have wall space consider purchasing open shelving units and using them as a room divider. The trick it how you display the stored items so they enhance the kitchen or dining room while not distracting from its d?cor. The type of shelving unit you select will set the tone for your display.

A brightly colored unit is playful so make your display fun and eclectic. Opting for a more traditional, wood-tone shelving unit will demand a more conservative display. Units with wood shelves instead of glasswork better because they can hold the weight of dishes and books.

A stainless steel shelf could also be an option. Not only is stainless steel resilient to water damage, heat and stains, making it suitable for the kitchen, but it’s also great if you’re trying to make your small kitchen appear larger or more spacious. Stainless steel reflects light and thus creates a visual illusion of a bigger space, giving your kitchen an industrial flair. You can buy stainless steel from online and at various other metal retailers.

Remember our goal is to provide additional storage space for all our extra kitchen and dining gear. Taking items from behind closed doors and displaying them on shelves frees up space for more unsightly items like food, pots, pans and small appliances. Consider coordinating baskets to house linens, flatware and baking supplies or bar utensils. Baskets also make it easy to store larger items like baking sheets, cutting boards and trays under shelving units. Wire baskets work well for organizing like items that have visual appeal. Extra storage could be useful for homeowners who want that extra bit of storage space – see storage unit prices.

With this being said, if you have your own storage facility business, the idea of looking into something as simple as Roll Up Door Sacramento (if you live in and around this area) could help you realize that the safety of client’s possessions is and should be your top priority. So if you find that your main door isn’t as secure as it used to be, getting in touch with a professional who can repair it could be very beneficial.

Creative Storage Solutions for the Kitchen
Colorful storage units provide great storage solutions for kitchens. Photo courtesy of Stanley Furniture.

Mix the items you display. Cookbooks, flower vases, pitchers, trays and even artwork make for a much more interesting display. To keep items from looking too conflicting try working with three or four complementary colors and white. White and silver metal objects break up the impact of all that color and provide tranquility to the display. If you opt for the drama of a one-color display remember it can be very hard to maintain unless all your dishes, servicing pieces and additional items all happen to be the same color. To overcome these issues consider covering boxes and books with the same color paper as your dishes. Stemware and silver or gold trays mix well with monochromatic displays.

Can’t bear to part with your grandmother’s china cabinet. Update it by removing the doors, painting the outside or at least the inside of the cabinet an interesting color that matches your space and use it as you would open shelving. If it has a mirrored back you can use decorative wallpaper to cover the mirror.

Granny would be thrilled to see how creative you are when it comes to storage solutions.