Holidays Start at the Front DoorAlthough it?s the first thing your guests see when they come calling during the holidays or throughout the year, our front entryways are the last thing most of us see on a daily basis. The majority of homeowners enter their homes via the garage or a side door and rarely use the formal entrance.

The results just might be a neglected entryway. Without giving it a second thought, this time of the year, we scurry to deck everything in greenery and twinkling lights displaying our sense of style and finery. Maybe it?s a good thing all this Christmas cheer hides a multitude of disrepair.

Your front door is what makes people want to come inside. I challenge you this year when you dismantle all the holiday decorations, that you take a serious look at the condition of your entryway.

Start by inspecting each individual element. How does the door look? Is the stain or paint faded and peeling? If so, the next warm day, give it a new finish. Consider a bold complementary color or perhaps black for a more classic finish. The color doesn’t have to be the same as the shutters but it should coordinate.

What about the hardware? If it?s tarnished and scratched consider replacing it with something more stylish and fresh. The finish you select should harmonize with your lighting and other metal ornamentation.

Holidays Start at the Front Door

Speaking of lighting, chances are the glass panels could use a good cleaning and make sure you replace any missing bulbs. Hopefully, you did this while you were decking the halls. It’s still not too late before Santa arrives.

Clear the front entryway of any unnecessary accessories or oversized furniture. Just like indoors your furniture needs to fit the space. If you have a small front porch don’t crowd it up with an oversized wicker sofa or swing.

Instead, consider a small bench or single chair. Take it a step further and paint the furniture the same color as your door or purchase cushions that will bring it all together.

Holidays Start at the Front DoorEmpty flower pots and plant stands shouldn’t remain on the porch during winter. Move them to the garage or the back of the house. Better yet, plant them with winter greenery and pansies for a colorful display.

If your doormat has seen better days, replace it with fresh sisal and rubber mat that can withstand the winter slush and still look great. From choosing something like pet photo doormats, a doormat with a welcoming message or a quote from a movie, there are so many options when it comes to choosing a doormat that will give your home a good first impression. Nothing is as uninviting as a stained and dirty doormat. Tip: Might want to make this improvement today.

It might be too chilly this time of the year to do any power washing to the porch, steps or sidewalk but make sure you add it to your spring-cleaning list so you don’t forget. If you don’t have a power washer, or your power washer has recently broken then make sure you replace it so that you have it ready when you start your spring cleaning. If you aren’t too sure about which one you should get, then you should check out something like these gasoline power washer reviews to give you a better idea of what kind you should get. Make sure you get the right one for you though, you don’t want to get something too powerful and then find out that you can’t use it. So take your time before you buy one and look at all the reviews to see what works best for you and your needs. You might even want to think about looking at new custom decking for your porchway by looking at a Custom Deck Builder to see how they’re able to transform your entryway.

So go ahead and hammer in those hooks and nails around the doorway and railing because spring this front porch is getting a makeover.