There are a lot of benefits about working from home. You have flexibility; in some cases you can set your own hours. You can show up in your PJs with no makeup. But the best benefit is your ability to control your environment.

Most business offices leave a lot to be desired when it comes to décor. You have your standard gray, beige cubical or if you’ve moved up to the executive level you might have your own office with the traditional mahogany executive desk and matching credenza. All of which do little or nothing to spark the creativity needed in today’s business world.

Major players like Google and Apple discovered years ago that if you provide your employees with a creative space in which to be creative you get creativity. The same holds true for those of us that work from home.

Instead of letting your home office decor be an after thought why not make it a priority? Look around. Are you working on a desk that was salvaged from your kid’s college days or a garage sale

How about the walls in your office; basic beige in desperate need of a fresh paint job? Do you have a think board? You know, a bulletin board where you can post all your brilliant ideas.

Is your filing system based on an old set of metal file cabinets that you purchased at a garage sale? Or maybe you’re working out of cardboard banker’s boxes. Perhaps, your filing system is the stack on the floor, I know where everything is, technique.

Creativity Sparked by Environment

It doesn’t have to be this way. You have control over this environment. You can create a space that you will actually look forward to going to everyday; a haven for your creativity. How do you get from where you are to where you want to be?

Start by purging all the unnecessary files and junk that have accumulated in your office. This may also include those cute drawings your kids have given you everyday for the past 5 years. Don’t pitch them just store them away. You can post next week’s artwork on your new think/bulletin board.

Take all the furniture out of the room, if possible. Pick a great creative color to paint the walls. Don’t be shy. This is the time to be bold. Make it your favorite color. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint. Clean the windows, light fixtures and the floor.

If you don’t love your desk replace it with a great table or vintage one. If the color doesn’t work with your new scheme, paint or stain it. Buy yourself a new desk chair. One of those ergonomic ones that will keep you energized all day.

Pick out a new desk lamp. Not one designed for you desk but perhaps one that actually matches your new creative space.

Replace your filing system with something more creative or colorful. If you really need a traditional system, spray paint those old metal cabinets a coordinating color or purchase decorative filing boxes.

Creativity Sparked by Environment

Start refurnishing your office one piece at a time. Place your desk where you get the maximum view. Don’t line the walls with your furniture. Position your file cabinets across the room so you have to get up and actually walk over to them to get a little exercise.

Once you have all the “necessary” elements in place, stop. Don’t over load, clutter or junk up your new creative haven. Keep it clean, colorful and inspirational. It only takes a couple of days to change the direction of your career. What color is your creativity?