Make It Pink
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Each year designers wait with great anticipation for Pantone to announce their color of the year. Pantone is considered the most universal of all color systems. It allows graphic artist, fashion designers and interior decorators to specify a standardize color vs. just eyeballing it.

This year Pantone expanded their predictions by naming two colors; Rose Quartz a shade of pink and Serenity a tranquil blue. Presumably they represent consumers yearning for reassurance and security. Reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace. A big responsibility for a couple of colors don’t you think?

All fine and good but how do you use these colors in your home’s décor? First you have to choose one or the other. Trying to use pink and blue in the same room can be done but for most of us it’s a daunting task.

Of the two shades I believe pink is easier to incorporate into a rooms décor. A trend doesn’t just pop onto the scene. Just like gray, pink has been climbing the neutral ladder for the past 4 years.

Bassett Furniture

Even though Pantone’s prediction is a specific shade of pink #13-1520, you can still be on the cutting edge of style by incorporating a lighter or more intense shade of a popular color. Especially where pink is concerned.

There are many ways to incorporate a new color into your existing décor. If you want to go big paint your walls. Pink like any other color has to be selected carefully; too bright and it’s like living in a Barbie house; to pale and it turns into dirty beige.

You can paint all the walls or be selective and just paint an accent wall. Carry the color into the rest of the room with throw pillows, accent pieces or a matching throw. Resist the urge to over do with too many touches of pink. To be truly effective all the pink objects must be the same shade. Mixing accent shades undermines the impact.

Want to experiment while still playing it safe? Draperies are a color cautious bet but they can be more costly than a bucket of paint. The right shade of pink drapes can warm up a black and white or cream dinning room. Extend the guise with pink flowers or lampshades.

Even a bedroom can benefit from a touch of pink. It doesn’t take much to transform a room of gray or brown. Consider new throw pillows, a quilt or artwork to soften the spirit of a room. A pink bench at the end of a bed can transmute a neutral bedding assemblage.

Bassett Furniture

For a color to work its magic on a room it must be used in more than one object. Think about how your eye tracts color. Placing two to three objects of the same color within a room invites you to visual travel around the entire space.

We have experimented with the color pink today but the same decorating principals apply to Pantone’s second color of the year, Serenity or any trendy shade. The secret is to select a color that excites you and works with your current surroundings to breath new life into a stale palate.

Trends are a reflection of what is already happening all around us in fashion, displays, sunsets and décor. We just need to stop and take a look around. What will your color be for 2016?