Sherwin Williams

I always loved to see how creative people can become when necessity is the mother of invention. Too often people put off decorating because of a limited budget or fear of making a mistake. Creating a great look can be as easy as opening a can of paint and rolling out some masking tape.

Most homeowners know that the simple act of painting a room can be an affordable facelift. But it can also be the way to add decorator panache to any space by just painting one wall or the back of a bookcase.

If you want to grab attention go bold! Thank about painting wide, black and white 10” horizontal stripes across just one wall in a room. If you want to be a little more understated choose two complimentary colors like mint green and chocolate brown or go elusive with two shades of the same color.

Horizontal stripes open up spaces. Make a room feel bigger than it actually is. If you have a small powder room and you want to make it live large, paint all four walls with big bold horizontal stripes, never vertical. Stripes running up and down will make a space seem taller. That’s a great way to add height to a room with low ceilings.


Sherwin Williams

To determine how large to make your stripes, measure the height of the wall and divide the space into even sections. Your stripes may be 9” or 11 ½” inches depending on the wall. Use a ruler, a level and really good painter’s tape to lay out your stripes. Start at the top and work your way down the wall to the baseboard. If the ceiling or the floor isn’t level it won’t be as noticeable if the bottom stripe is a tad narrower on one end.

Want to jazzy up your office or any bookshelves in your house? Paint the back wall of the shelves. For a more exciting designer look, work with more than one color. Depending on the number of shelves, select different colors of paint for each section. One color that gradual blend into the next color create a subtle, ombre effect. Looking for impact? Choose complimentary colors like various shades of purple, steel blue an aqua.

A great way to freshen up your bedroom when you can’t afford a headboard is to simply paint one of the wall. Be bold; tape off the entire wall behind the bed at about 5’ to 6’ feet from the floor. I love the contrast between alabaster and black. Accent the room with neutrals and you have a spectacular look all for the cost of a can of paint and some new bedding.

Is your foyer begging for a new look? Try painting just the wall running up the stairway. It will give your whole room a fresh appeal. Another trick is to paint your ceiling a dark accent color. Carry that same color of even a lighter shade to the backside of your front door or a piece of furniture or artwork.

Make color work for you. Let it liven up a tired space and refresh your home’s style. Be daring! Don’t worry about making a mistake, it’s only a can of paint but if done correctly it’s a whole new you! Roll on DIYers!