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Let’s consider for a few minutes Yard Art. I’m not talking about pink flamingos or garden gnomes but a more stylish variety of elements you can use to decorate your gardens; sophisticated objects more aptly termed Garden Art.

Garden ArtWhy have a yard and not take advantage of the opportunity to create a focal point. It can be as elegant as an armillary sphere in the center of a formal rose garden or as simple as a rusted cutout of a farm animal.

Before you start contemplating all the possibilities I encourage you to remember that less is more. You don’t want to end up with a yard overrun with yard art. Also keeping a garden neat and tidy can aid in maintaining the design you’ve laid out for your garden. Storing those tools to achieve and maintain this is also worth considering. Providers of sheds greenville sc or similar providers could help. This way it will be easy to trim greenery and to balance out your art into your well-kept garden. The secret to incorporating garden art jewels into your landscape design are making sure you can’t see more than two pieces of art, preferably one at a time.

For example, if you’re going to have a large fountain in your yard don’t diminish its effect by sticking a birdbath off to the side or a gnome in the flowerbed. Keep the focus on the fountain.

Gardens should have personalities that are consistent with the style of the home. Bungalow style homes become more charming with cottage style gardens while contemporary homes look best surrounded by yards with clean lines, less cluttered plantings and angular planters. If you have a cottage-style garden and there are lot of trees obstructing your garden designs, it might be a good idea to learn from professionals similar to arborist brisbane.

Containers used in your garden play a big roll in helping you to complete your design concept. Keep your pots consistent by coordinating colors and materials while varying their sizes. Odd numbers are more interesting unless you are using them to frame a door or gate.

Garden Art

Well-placed garden art decorates both the exterior and interior of your home. To get the most out of a major garden focal point it should be positioned so it is framed by the view you see when you look out of a door or window. The exception is if you have a circle drive or formal yard, then it should be positioned in the center of your yard.

But smaller birdhouses, statues, birdbaths, gazing balls and fountains should become the focus of your view when you look out of your house into your garden.

It’s easier to create this effect by working with a helper. One to be inside looking out and the other outside adjusting the garden art object until it is in the perfect spot. Surround the object with plantings that create balance and help to draw your eye to the birdbath or statue.

Garden Art

Garden benches are one of my favorites. Why have a beautiful garden with no place to sit and enjoy it. Surprise yourself. If you are always use to sitting on your patio looking out on your garden, take a chair out into your yard and position it so you get a completely new view of your house and the garden.

Creating this new view corridor is easy and affordable. A simple wooden or iron bench it all it takes. Who knows you might like the view so much that you create a more formal seating area.

Good garden art can be a pricy investment, but one that you and your neighborhood can enjoy year after year.