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With the onset of summer, we find ourselves spending more time outdoors relaxing, entertaining and cooking. Outdoor kitchens make it possible to expand your living space and unlike other luxury home improvements, they are proving to be a good return on your investment. To complete the whole look, if you decide to buy new refrigerated shipping containers in Denver, you can turn it into a walk-in fridge, to store meat, dairy products and pretty much everything that you’d normally keep in your fridge. The only difference would be that it’d be outside! If you are on the lookout for a new luxury kitchen inside your home then there are a number of options available to you. Here are some amazing Luxury Kitchens in Birmingham.

The best home improvements are the ones that your family enjoys while you live in your and then bring added value when it comes time to sell.

In a recent study released by Zillow Digs on what can make homes sell for more and sell faster, outdoor kitchens ranked #15 on the list of 50, increasing the home value by almost 4%. It also noted those homes can sell 19 days faster than anticipated.

When it comes to outdoor kitchen design, function is #1. According to Brian Patrick Flynn, NKBA Kitchen and Bath insider and designer? The best outdoor kitchen is just as functional as what you have inside, and the secret is to making sure you enjoy the space as much as possible is to reduce the trips you?ll take between and kitchen inside and your outdoor space. Make sure your outdoor kitchen can accommodate a few integrated appliances: A refrigerator is a must-have to store fresh food before it goes on the grill, as well as extra wine and beer. I also recommend a full-size stainless-steel sink with a detachable faucet, and an outdoor dishwasher, if your budget allows? Having reengineered hardwood floors in an outside kitchen can really help improve the flow of the kitchen to cement the design.

Layout is key when planning your outdoor kitchen. Keep your spaces open to allow ample space for guest and hosts to move around comfortably. If possible position the seating and gathering areas 10 to 12 feet away from the grill and food prep zone to give the chef plenty of space.

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Think beyond the grill. How do you like to cook? Coyote Outdoor Living, a premium grill and outdoor accessories manufacturer offers an innovative approach to outdoor entertaining with items that allow for preparing much more than just burgers and dogs. Accessories such as smoker boxes, side burners, Teppanyaki Griddles, drop-in coolers, refreshment centers and warmer drawers transform an outdoor kitchen.

Covered kitchens definitely extend the seasons you can use your outdoor kitchen and help to keep it dry and cleaner. There are added expenses and code requirements to consider when deciding to add a roof to your outdoor kitchen. You have to weight the benefits to the cost. A less expensive option is a pergola with a canopy.

Countertop materials need to be designed to withstand extreme climate changes throughout the year. Granite, natural stone and cement are not the best choices. They can fade, allow bacteria to develop and can be hard to keep clean and sealed. A new material, Dekton by Consentino, is an ultra-compact and ultra-durable surface with high resistance to UV, scratches, stains, thermal shock, and very low water absorption. Its resistance to thermal shock against heat, frost and thawing allows Dekton to be used in any climate.

Dekton Aldem Countertop Outdoor
Dekton Aldem Countertop

?Good lighting in and around the outdoor kitchen is essential when it comes to both functionality and ambiance. A benefit to having a ceiling extend over the outdoor kitchen makes it easy to integrate task lighting where you need it most. I also love integrating industrial festival lights along a pergola to help keep the space lit after hours. This can instantly give any outdoor gathering space more of a room-like feeling.? recommends Flynn.

This is the perfect time to start planning and building your outdoor kitchen. Based on your budget you may want to consider building your kitchen in phases adding additional features as your funds allow. Kitchens both simple and elaborate deliver the opportunity for you and your family to spend quality time together outdoors enjoying the good ole summertime.

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