5 Ways to Ready Your Home for Summer

The summer season is often when more people spend time at home and enjoy entertaining on their property. With higher temperatures and heat waves, the home can suffer from extensive amounts of damage. To prepare your home and get it ready for the season, there are a few important step to take.

1. Inspect the HVAC System
Hire a professional to inspect the HVAC system to ensure that it’s running well and that all of the parts are functioning. If you live in Portland, Oregon you might want to hire someone like Willard Air Duct Cleaning to come and inspect them for you. This can also reduce your energy savings throughout the season with a tune-up that is performed. There’s are loads of companies out there that can help you get the right HVAC installed in your home. If you are unsure about who to use then you could just use a company like AnytimeHVAC. However, the decision is up to you. If you don’t have a HVAC system installed in your home yet, you’re probably going to need it for the summer heat! Check out a reliable company like https://www.lbaservices.com/ and get a quote for some air conditioning. You won’t regret it!!

2. Clean the Gutters
Remove leaves and debris that has developed in the rain gutters, which can cause water to become backed up on the roof during a summer hurricane. This can also welcome insect infestations by providing a food source. You can also use the Gutter Magician NKY, which prevents debris from accumulating while maintaining proper water flow on the roof. Completing this type of work on your gutters sounds like a lot of hard work, but it doesn’t have to be. Even though some people decide to clear their own debris and leaves from the gutters themselves, others may prefer to contact someone similar to this Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Baltimore company to do it for them. They may also notice any potential damage or repairs that may need doing to your gutters and they will be able to fix them for you too so that you have resolved two problems at the same time. Cleaning your gutters will prevent any water damage to your home should you have a summer hurricane.

3. Cut Back Tree Branches
You can avoid insect and animal infestations on your roof by cutting back tree branches that provide a way for small critters to accessing the roof. This will also reduce the risk of the branches from puncturing the home during a summer storm.

4. Promote Air Circulation in the Attic
Protect your roof from high temperatures and sun exposure by keeping that attic cool throughout the day. Install vents and fans to keep air circulating, which will prevent the roof from becoming too warm. This will avoid blistering and curled shingles that can develop. You can also inspect the insulation to ensure that it is keeping cool air in.

5. Fill in the Grass
The summer season is the perfect time to get your yard in shape by filling in bare spots in the grass. Remove leaves or debris with a metal rake and reseed the yard to repair bald spots that have developed. This will allow more grass to grow for a thicker lawn that can be used for children to play on or when you want to improve the appearance of your yard. You’ll also need to fix the sprinklers and look for any damage that has occurred during the winter season.

You can enjoy the summer months by getting your house ready for the season. With the right steps, you’ll increase the appeal and functionality of the property to ensure that new memories are created at home.