The Cutest Home Renovation...Ever!!

What do you get when you mix HGTV, a toddler, some paint, and lots of wine? My sister-in-law’s house!

About a year and a half ago, she moved to the cutest little town in metro Atlanta, Historic Roswell. The house she had her heart set on was the perfect location: close to work, close to schools, and within walking distance to shops and restaurants. The only catch…it needed some love! So today, I am sharing her renovation.

There are other things to consider when you are planning renovations besides just paints and furniture though. Although a lot of us insure our homes, we do not always consider any changes to any insurance policies that might be needed once all the work is completed. Ultimately, however, there is a huge range of different insurance providers out there, each with their own unique policies that offer varying levels of coverage. Correspondingly, if you are looking to take out a home insurance policy to protect your property and its contents, you might want to head to They offer overviews and reviews of some of the most popular insurance providers out there, so check out their site to compare your options and learn more.

Home insurance reminders aside though, we absolutely must talk about the renovation project! The best part, she didn’t tear down one wall or complete any complicated construction projects. The most invasive projects were the bathroom renovations, which required the use of a contractor. I know someone who had to undergo a big project in their home, as there was an issue with the structure of the home. This then resulted in a part of their home sinking. If it wasn’t for her checking out this “is my house sinking guide on Buildfix“, then she may not have even known the extent of the issue. Having gone through all this, her number one tip, choose a contractor you trust.

But, the majority of things were fixed with a little paint–well let’s be honest, a lot of paint and, simply, good taste. You won’t believe the difference! Take a look for yourself!

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