Have you ever walked into someone?s home and instantly knew you were in the home of someone with great taste and money? Before you dive into a puddle of self-loathing and envy, think about it. Maybe what you’re seeing is just a great style.

Style doesn’t have anything to do with money, well okay maybe just a little but it’s not the complete source. Just because you have money does?t mean you can create a great d?cor. If that were true interior designers would be out of work.

Style is something that you can develop. Every person, man or women can become stylish. What it takes is observation and the ability to imitate until you can replicate it.

BernhardtYou can spot style. In every group of friends, there is always one or two that stand out from the crowd because they have style. You may describe it as they know how to put together a great outfit, they throw a beautiful party or their house is stunning.

Learning how to stylize your home is just as easy as learning how to become a sharp dresser. A room full of expensive furniture doesn’t guarantee that your room will have style. But it does need key pieces and some well-proven styling tricks.

You have to study a good style to imitate it. If you don’t already subscribe to a couple of good home decor publications, you need to. Check out several publications at the bookstore until you find the ones that best represent the style you are trying to cultivate.

For this educational experience, I prefer magazines to online sites. They allow you to linger over the room images. Study what it is that you like about the room. Dissect each piece of furniture and every accessory to see what makes them work together.

One of the first things you will notice is the lack of clutter. Clutter is the number one enemy of style. Getting rid of all the junk that has accumulated in the room, stacks of magazine, tables covered with knickknacks and nonessential items allows the important pieces to take center stage.

BernhardtStudy the coffee table displays. Most will feature a few important objects such as a stack of hardback books with similar colored jackets, a sculptural object or vase. Trays keep items organized. Some coffee tables will also have storage, letting you hide those unwanted but necessary remote controls or drink coasters. Here are 19 coffee tables with storage, showing you how to store some of your belongings, and reduce clutter.

Notice furniture placement. You’ll notice that in most rooms the furniture is floated away from the walls. Walkways are created behind furniture, not through the middle of the seating area.

Pay attention to how the artwork is displayed and the size of the images in relation to the size of the room. You’ll notice that wall galleries are more stylish when the frames all match and the photos are matted in plain museum white mats.

Almost every living room will feature a luxury throw and stunning throw pillows. This is a look that is very easy to copy. High-end pillows can cost as much as $200 each but you can make your own for as little as $20. Mary Jo’s fabric shop in Gastonia and Front Door Fabrics in Charlotte have a wonderful section of fabrics at really affordable price points.

How many layers of lighting are being used in the room, chandeliers to improve aesthetics, floor lamps to add style, gooseneck lights to add wall lighting, sconces as well as table lamps? If necessary, have your electrician install a floor plug so you can place lamps behind sofas or next to chairs. Perhaps you could also consider an electrical inspection survey and review while you’ve already got an electrician in your home. Those looking for an electrician servicing tower hamlets may want to reach out to SCV Electrical.

Are the lampshades all the same color and shape? Again another styling trick you can apply to your design file. If your lampshades are all different colors and shapes consider replacing them with white drum-shaped shades for fresher more sophisticated look.

Notice color and how it is used. After just a few hours of looking at really great, luxury rooms you will notice that the use of color is more likely to be tone or tone or limited to just 3 colors. Working with color is the same when stylizing a room as putting together a great outfit. Too many colors and the look can turn cheap quick.

Don’t try to tackle your entire house at one time. Take the stylizing tricks you observe and apply them one at a time to your spaces. Before you know it you’ll have one of those stylish homes that everyone else can only dream about.

Developing Style