A rainbow of color possibilities ensues when you layer it on white.

It’s no secret that white is my favorite color for walls, trim and sofas. For one reason, it allows me to embrace all the colors of the rainbow.

You can experiment with new color trends and textiles at a fraction of the cost it would take to makeover a space that is dominated with colored walls, floors and furniture. This holds true for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms.

Living rooms are generally the most expensive spaces to decorate. A great well-made sofa can cost over $3,500 dollars. If your family is not the candidate for a white sofa consider a neutral sofa in cream, gray or even brown or black leather. Select a complimentary neutral color for accent chairs.

This neutral palate allows you to introduce interesting color accents. Start with three coordinating colors with which you want to experiment with such as red, blue and tan. Within this color group introduce various shades of each of the three colors. With blue, mix in navy, powder blue, denim. Shades of reds can include wine and rose.

Introduce pillows into the space from this color group. Mix patterns, one large pattern, one or two mediums, one or two small and some solids. Adorn the floor with a rug that features on of the other two colors from your color palate. Feel free to mix more than one pattern rug in the same room. Just pay attention to the color and the scale of the pattern. Keep one design small and perhaps add a stripe.

Complete the space with accessories that work with your color palate. Books, flowers, throws and bowls. Don’t over do it. Add a little color to each area of the room.

In the bedroom keep your basic bedding white. It’s easy to care for if you select cotton and cotton blends that can be machined washed and bleached. It’s easy to turn a basic white room into a rainbow of trendy colors by just adding a quilted or woven throw to the foot of the bed and pillows.

Introduce a great upholstered bench or chair and some new art work featuring the accent color. Don’t forget to incorporate living green plants into your bedroom’s décor. The color goes with any palate and adds oxygen to the space.

It’s so easy to dress up the kitchen and introduce color excitement. Start with the countertops. Clear them off. Remember clutter is the enemy of decorating. You don’t’ need all those appliances lining the counters. Replace them with a well-edited stack of cookbooks, an oiled cutting board and a bowl of fresh fruit or snappy teapot.

In the dining space, soften the look of wooden chairs with colorful throw pillows or upholster your window bench with a neutral or stripped fabric then pad it up with soft relaxed style pillows. Cozy and identify the space with a coordinating rug.

Creating a neutral base and introducing color when the mood strikes is what makes decorating fun and results in an ever evolving décor that is always fresh and creates an exciting, expressive place to dwell.

Photo Credits:
All photos from Amber Interiors