Bloom chair by Cobonpue

Every great design is anchored by a signature piece. It can be artwork, a rug or just about anything that makes a statement and demands your attention the moment you walk into a room. If you go for wall art you’ll want one that stands out from any other pieces of art you have in that room/house, you’ll also want to make sure that the mounting of it complements the wall art piece. A company that will help with this is Bumblejax, you can get more details about Bumblejax photo mounting here to see if this could help pull together what you need.

Furniture is one of the easiest ways to incorporate art into your d?cor. For me, it?s always been that perfect accent chair, a chair that has been created by an artist for the pure beauty of design.

Kelly Behuns Circle Chair

Kelly Behun’s Circle Chair

New York designer Kelly Behun?s creations are perfect examples of chairs as art. Her Circle and Neolam chairs are unique pieces that deliver exceptional art to her client?s interiors. Inspired by travels throughout the world, her designs reflect her visions.

Comfort and design don?t always go together. Think of these chairs sculpture. If it?s comfy, consider it a bonus feature. One designer that has managed to combine art with function is Kenneth Cobonpue. A multi-award winning furniture designer from Cebu, his brand is known around the world for its unique designs and roster of clientele that include Hollywood celebrities like Brad Pitt and members of royalty.

Art should always come with a story whether it?s a painting or a chair. Cobonpue?s chair designs are as interesting to talk about, as they are to look at. His Bloom chair brings the organic beauty of the garden indoors. Inspired by a delicate blossom, the Bloom is composed of hundreds of fine running stitches that radiate from the center of the seat. Handmade in microfiber stitched over a fiberglass-reinforced top, Bloom sprouts from a base made of steel.

Yoda Chair by Cobonpue

Yoda Chair by Cobonpue

The Yoda, by Cobonpue taps into the natural tension of the rattan vine, resembling tall blades of grass growing from the seat on a summer?s day. Its rattan display offers comfort concealed in randomness reminiscent of nature?s surprises.

The approach to selecting distinct pieces for your d?cor is a completely different process that choosing a sofa or side chair. It?s not about matching fabric swatches and textures. It?s about discovering something that is unique and compelling to you.

Not all art chairs are contemporary or modern styles. Some of the most exciting art chairs can be found in antique stores. Furniture designers have been creating unique art chairs for centuries. If you?re style is a little more contemporary, consider painting an antique chair an unexpected color.

Make a statement with fabrics. The right fabric can transform a standard chair into a work of art. Currey & Company?s Antoinette armchair is transfigured from a French parlor chair into a trendy conversation starter by upholstering it with fabric depicting the image of a skull and a leather seat.

Picasso Chair by Nordsmark

Picasso Chair by Nordsmark

Play around with scale. Your art chair can be larger or smaller in size than the other furnishings in the space. Just remember the larger it is the more it will dominate the room. I prefer going smaller. There is something about understated that always speaks the loudest to me. Let the art and form be the statement.

Don?t concern yourself with matching the colors to the room but do take it into consideration. Consider the color wheel. Opposites are complimentary to each other. Consider a bright yellow art chair seating in a blue room.

Artist, Benjamin Nordsmark?s Picasso chair captures Picasso?s visual language in a chair that has a great influence from his cubism period and his drawings in lights. ?The chair was built surprisingly fast using old pieces of cut out steel and by welding them in the right order I ended up with a chair that is very recognizable.? Says Nordsmark.

Give yourself permission to express your artistic flare. Take the time and enjoy searching for your special art chair. You will know it when you see it.