I was recently flipping through Jaipur’s rug catalogue and found myself falling in love with everything I saw.

Not because the designs weren’t fantastic, which they were, but because the rugs their designer had paired with all the various room settings were perfect.

Once again I am reminded of how difficult it can be to find the perfect area rug. It’s not because there isn’t a wide select from which to choose but because most of us have trouble visualizing how that rug would work within our spaces. Some basic tips can make the process go smoothly.

Start by deciding if the rug is going to be the “Wow” in the room or is it going to blend seamlessly into the space. If it’s going to be the “Wow” then it needs to dominate with color and/or pattern. If it’s intent is to cover the floor without demanding attention then you should make your selection based on how the color, texture and perhaps the pattern blends with the space.

For example, if you are working with a room that has white walls, natural wood tone accents and touches of black, a rug that features a pattern is very essential. But you want to keep the colors within the same tones as the overall space. If you select a bright colored rug with a busy pattern, all you are going to see when you walk into the room is the rug. All the other architectural features are going to fade away.

The same is true if your room features rich, dark wood elements even if you have a touch of white in the tables, furniture or accessories. A dim patterned rug will add a lush opulence and depth to the space. A lighter shade rug will only sharpen the edges of the wood furnishings and distract from the luxuriance of the overall décor.

If you want to add color to this room setting then select a rug with shades of navy or deep green.

Rugs can truly transform a space. Instead of lamenting over not having the perfect flooring materials consider finding a rug that imitates that style. Example, polished cement floors provide a great look for contemporary lofts and apartments. But few buildings offer this feature. Jaipur’s Chaos Theory rug designed and conceptualized by Kavi reveals the beauty of random motifs in enigmatic shades of flint gray and smoked pearl mimicking the look of polished concrete but in a far superior manor.

Bare floors are cold and leave furniture floating without an anchor. The perfect rug defines the room, gives it warmth, style and continuity. Give as much consideration to the rug you select for your rooms as you do the furniture and the artwork. A quality rug, well chosen will provide you pleasure for years to come.

Images by Jaipur. www.jaipurliving.com