Cocktails have never been more popular. Start preparing your perfect bar now and you’ll be ready to kick back and enjoy entertaining during the holidays.

The best way to corral all your mixes, liquors and bar accessories is on a decorative bar car.

Not since the 1940s have we seen such a swell in the popularity of the bar cart. It’s impossible to flip through a shelter magazine or read a blog without discovering a charming cart. One reason for their serge in popularity is the availability of a vast variety of styles.

If you think you don’t have room for a cart consider replacing a potted plant or that old chair that occupy a side wall or corner in your living room or dining room. Carts come in all sizes. Measure the space you’ve designated for this important décor accessory.

When choosing a cart, find a style that fits your décor. Midcentury, industrial, chic and rustic in both new and vintage offering are available. Select a cart that has multiple shelves to maximize the storage space. Check the space between shelves. While three shelves may provide extra space if they are too close together you won’t have necessary versatility when arranging liquor bottles, decanters, cocktail shakers and glassware.

Most bar carts come with glass shelves because ice buckets drip, bottles drip and sticky garnishes can wreck hard to clean surfaces such as wood and marble. Trays are an alternative solution if you end up selecting a cart with high maintenance shelves. Carts with wheels allow you to relocate the cart around your house and even outdoors during parties. Make sure you can lock the wheels in place to avoid accidents.

Decking out your cart can be very creative. There are two looks. The first if one that is stylized for everyday use. You don’t have to have all your liquor on the bar cart. Display only your best bottles and keep the rest in the panty. Display a small sampling of glasses.

Top off your tray with a decorative touch such as fresh flowers, a framed print, statue, crystal decanter or a stack of vintage cocktail books. Update your display to match the season.

When it’s party time prep your bar. Move the cart to a location that can be easily accessed by your guests. Keep it simple by offering a special cocktail based around one type of alcohol. For example, bourbon and whiskey are perfect for fall cocktails. Invest in a good bottle of whiskey, sweet vermouth, bitters and basis like sugar, cherries and sour mix so guest can concoct their own Manhattan, old-fashion or whiskey sour. Don’t forget a bucket of ice and cocktail shaker.

Basic liquors for a well stocked bar include vodka, gin, tequila, whisky, bourbon and rum. Round out your inventory with mixers such as club soda, tonic water, and sparkling water.

Keep things organized by using trays to divide the surfaces into zones. Up grade your bar tools. Select ones that are beautiful as well as functional. Have on hand bottle openers, shakers, small cutting board, ice bucket, stirrers, strainer and carafes. Keep out just the specifically supplies that you need for the occasion and store the others in a near by cabinet or in decorative boxes. Always, always, keep your shelves and glassware shinny and spotless.