An exciting new For Your Home project is coming your way. I’m the Project Coordinator for a new residential construction project a contemporary home on a 2 ½ acre wooded lot.

What’s a Project Coordinator? It’s the person responsible for the entire project. I bring together the team consisting of the general contractor, architects, craftspeople, landscape architect, pool builder and landscapers. I’m also responsible for all material selections and design concepts. Once the house is completed I will also decorate the home and garden.

It’s a big job but lucky for me I’ve been doing this for over 25 years on For Your Home. Because not like some how-to TV shows I really did all those renovations. 100’s of kitchens, bathrooms, major renovations, additions and landscape projects for real people. Along the way, I’ve worked with lots of talented people and have great resources when it comes to selecting the right products and materials for the job.

But it’s the first time I’ve coordinated an entire NEW house. Many of the same issues but as I quickly learned it takes a lot longer to build a custom new home than renovate an existing one.

The preplanning stage is much longer. More decisions to make, more players are involved. The entire process is much more complex than a new kitchen or renovation. And much more creative. Every aspect of the project is a blank slate.

Now about my client, the homeowner, Bill. He is a 50-year-old bachelor. He is a corporate engineering executive who travels the world often 3 weeks per month. He was involved with building a new house years ago but is the first one he has ever built for himself. A space of his own.

We started construction 18 months ago and we’re nearing the finish line. Over the next few months I will be sharing our building adventures from design to finishing touches. This project won’t be featured on my TV show it is a FYH Blog Exclusive only. Sign up to receive each post so you can experience the thrill of building a space of your own.