Is she off on one of her adventures again or has she simply forgotten us?

Never!!! Well maybe off on an adventure but not of my own choosing.

For the past year, I’ve been in hand-to-hand combat with breast cancer. I’m happy and grateful to report that I’ve beaten this nasty nemesis. As a two-time cancer survivor, first in 1994, I’ve seen major improvements in detection, treatments and cure rates.

What hasn’t changed is the unending support and love that I received during each journey. Some of my champions may have changed but the encouragement and caring has not.

My husband Jerry was there with me for every test, chemo infusion, operation and radiation treatment. His humor and compassion made every day brighter and more endurable.

I have terrific girlfriends and guy pals. Dinners, flowers, cards, phone calls and visits were the highlights of what could have been very bleak times. I’d have a text, email or call from my dear friend Kate on each of my treatment days.

My long distant family and friends checked in often and my son, Tony and his wife, Di surprised me with gifts and thoughtful reminders of just how important I am to their family.

Now in remission and feeling strong and eager to resume my busy schedule I hope you will continue to count on me for new ideas, stories, trends and information that you can use For Your Home.

Glad to be back,