Mid Century Modern, Industrial and Contemporary d?cor styles all have one thing in common; a tendency to look cold and hard.

At some point you just yearn for a way to cozy up the spaces especially as the winter season approaches.

There are lots of ways to soften the hard edges and make a room appear and feel more inviting and lux. Rugs, drapes, throws and throw pillows all have a softening effect on interior spaces. I’ve been on the hunt for contemporary rugs for a while now. But my favorite this season is anything sheepskin.

Sheepskin rugs come in all sizes. It doesn?t take a large rug to make a big impact. Consider a small rug to place under your coffee table or in front of a small seating area. In the bathroom a sheepskin rug softens the hard, cold look of ceramic tile and feels wonderful underfoot. If sheepskin isn’t your thing, you have plenty of other options for rugs, on websites like BAZAARVELVET.COM.

Long a staple in Scandinavian and Nordic decors, sheepskin rugs have become the go to accent for just about any design style. This versatile material has crossed over to include pillows and throws.

Sheep Skin

Beautiful soft, warm and cuddly sheepskin rugs are perfect to layer on top of stools, chairs, or ottomans to create an inviting setting. Wooden dining room chairs are instantly transformed with the addition on a small sheepskin rug draped over the back or seat. You don?t have to add one to every chair; in fact it?s more impactful to select just 2 or 4 chairs. Love they way they can transform a wooden dining bench into the softest seat in the house.

The most common color is white but don?t overlook the benefits of incorporating ivory white sheepskins and natural colored black sheepskins which can be anything from dark chocolate brown to brown and white, smoky grey or cameo cream. These natural black sheep skins are rare and limited edition.

Dyed sheepskins are available in shades of pinks and grays. They are more affordable and easy to come by. Sheepskins are available in natural wool as well as synthetic. Prices vary dramatically. I?ve found wonderful skins at Costco and online.

Cleaning your sheepskin rugs and accessories is a do-it-yourself project. Use room temperature water. Wool shrinks if you use water that is too hot. Fill a tub with body temperature water. Don?t use a harsh laundry soap, Woolite or bleach. If you?re working with synthetic sheepskin don?t use hot water and don?t put it either in the dryer. Use a steel type wool carding brush to gently fluff your sheepskins.

Sheep Skin

The secret is to not over do it by adding sheepskins everywhere. Decide on a great focal spot that could really benefit from a little softening. For fun, move it around from one location to another and from one room to another. Do yourself a favor after a long, hard day, just take your shoes off and run your toes through your latest designer statement.