It’s awkward trying to balance your cocktail and appetizers at a party. Then a friend comes over for a holiday hug – overload!

What I wouldn’t have given for a few fashionable little tables scattered about the house.

We have all been there. Don’t leave your guests in the larch searching for a safe spot on the floor or the arm of a chair to set their drink or plate. We all know that only leads to disaster and cleanups.

Small, well placed tables solve countless problems for host and guest throughout the year. A single chair is just an island until it is paired with a little table. Then it becomes a welcoming spot to sit and enjoy a cocktail or cup of coffee.

There is no limit to the exciting and unique pintsized tables available. Make sure you select a table that is sturdy and can’t be rocked over by a passing knee or misstep, but manageable enough to move about as seating demands.

Little Tables Provide a Big Solution
A collection of interesting little table make a wonderful designer statement when grouped together. Furniture by Bernhardt.

Bernhardt Furniture introduced an amazing selection at the fall furniture Market. My favorite were the honed white marble tables. They match any decorating style, from contemporary to farmhouse. Don’t worry about etching the marble surface. Honed is a finish that is smooth and flat virtually eliminating etching problems associated with marble.

If white isn’t your color consider one of the many metal tables available. Silver, bronze, gold and what I like to call hybrid finishes are all fashionable choices. Hybrid is a mixture of flat gold tones and silver leaf. The result is a finish that’s is well suited with both silver and gold dominated accessories.

Little Tables Provide a Big Solution
Bernhardt Furniture introduced a marvelous collection of little tables at Fall Market.

Shape is very important. The marketplace is filled with distinctive silhouettes. Consider each piece of furniture you add to a room like a unique sculpture. Open metal bases unclutter spaces. They perform their planned function but don’t crowd the stage.

The Geode crystal spot table by Art Furniture is a perfect example. The top of the elegantly simple piece is made of two-inch thick clear bubble glass. The sculptural three-pronged base is finished in earthy tumbled bronze.

Solid metal, wood or stone tables are blockier. Observe your room and determine how a small table can have the most positive design effect. Then select a solid base or a more openly designed piece.

Little Tables Provide a Big Solution
Art Furniture crystal spot table from the Geode collection draws two Mica Accent chairs into a cozy conversational setting. A charming little table turns a lonely chair into an inviting spot. Table by Bernhardt.

I love fresh flowers and find it almost impossible not to top off my sweet petites with a vase of fresh posies. But really try to resist topping them with a small lamp, vase or accessory. Their purpose is to prove an open perch.

The top design is extremely essential on all unadorned furniture pieces. Stone and wooden tables use their natural veining and shading as design elements. Metal tables use techniques like stamping, carving, hammering and etching to create exceptional patterns. Select the ones that compliment your rooms décor.

For a spectacular designer look consider grouping an interesting collection of little tables together to replace your standard coffee table. There are no rules or limits to how you use these versatile problem solvers. Like me, you’ll wonder how you and your guests ever survived without them.