Before you finalize your bathroom remolding project consider getting your fixtures up off the floor.

Most bathrooms are small. The more fixtures you can suspend off the wall instead of mount to the floor the more spacious your bathroom will become.

Wall-mounted fixtures are standard in European bathrooms. Perhaps it?s due to the limited amount of space they have always had to work with. As Americans continue to downsize their homes it time to consider incorporating this design technique into our bathrooms.

Besides saving space wall-mounted fixtures are just stunning. When a Marble Top Vanity & Basin Unit is lifted off the floor and mounted to the wall it opens up the bathroom footprint giving the visual elusion of more space. Go a step further and add LED lighting strips under the vanity to create an impressive floating effect, especially impressive for powder rooms and small half bathrooms. In the modern era of technology, some families may look into having a led screen on their bathroom or bedroom wall for a multitude of reasons.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

The Delos Vanity designed by Eoos available through Duravit, provides plenty of space for toiletries and accessories while still remaining sleek and contemporary. If more storage space is available you?ll find a wide variety of vanities that provide drawers, some even wired for bath appliances and matching shelving.

The Vero Collection designed by Kurt Merki Jr. offers a wide vanity with storage and a matching cabinet that is also wall mounted. Almost all the major plumbing manufacturers have expanded their wall-mounted options to include both traditional and contemporary design styles. From white lacquered pieces to natural wood finishes you are sure to find one that is perfect for your project.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

While vessel sinks look the best on wall-mounted vanities you can certainly find ones that accommodate a drop in sink. You can select wall-mounted faucets or deck mounted depending on the style of sink you have selected.

Wall-mounted toilets incorporate an in-wall water tank. They require the wall be studded out with 2?? x 6?? studs instead of the standard 2??x 4??. It isn?t difficult to have a wall re-framed to accommodate the tank. The reduced depth of the toilet easily recoups the two inches that you loose to the new wall depth.

A standard toilet sits out from the wall about 31?? depending on whether you have a round or elongated bowl. A typical wall mounted toilet extends from the wall only 22??. You have already gained 9?? more space in front of the toilet.

Wall-Mounted Fixtures

The best benefit of incorporating a wall-mounted toilet into your bath design is how easy they are to clean. Because it is suspended off the floor you don?t have to mop around the base or stand on your head trying to clean behind the toilet. Not to mention having to re-caulk around the base of the toilet every couple of years!

Flooring materials that feature patterns, design motifs and angles are more impressive when not interrupted with fixtures and vanities that are floor mounted.

Always check with your plumber before finalizing your plans to convert from floor mounted to wall-mounted fixtures. There will be additional installation costs if you?re a remodeling an existing bathroom. But if space is tight or if you want to obtain a more sleek, contemporary look it is certainly worth serious consideration.