Finding a 2 ? acre wooded lot may seem like a dream come true to those of us who live in an Urban setting.

But the reality is, it adds a lot of work and cost to the price of building a home and developing the land. Companies similar to Parker Built Homes understand this.

The property had several gentle rises and falls as it spread before us. The landscape architect, survey company and builder worked with Bill and I to position the house on the property.

Our goal was to maintain as many trees and natural plantings as possible while providing Bill with privacy and terrific views.

To maintain all the transitions retaining walls were installed. Pavestone cement landscape blocks were used throughout the property.

Pavestone Retaining Wall

The home is taking shape nicely and it’s been positioned so that there’s enough space around the property for seasonal equipment and car parking. Using a Custom Home Builder can ensure that you get your home exactly the way you want it. It’s unlikely that you’d be able to buy your dream home without having to make any modifications. Being able to custom build it makes sure that everything you want is included and it suits your needs. Once the house was almost completed our attention turned to what types of materials do we want to use to create the long driveway and large parking area.

Unfinished Long Drive

Bill?s first choice was pavers. But the square footage needed to accomplish our goals would have been cost prohibitive. It was my job to creatively design a combination of paving materials.

I?m a huge fan of pavers especially, Pavestone Pavers, having used them on multiple projects in the past. I designed a plan that gave us the biggest bang for our budget.

Pavestone Logo

Bill selected Chicago Blend in two different sizes a 6 ? x 6?, 6? x 9?. I elected to use a cream-colored pea gravel for the motor court.

I stipulated pavers on the driveway approach from the street. Connected that to a black-top drive to the crest of the hill and edged it with a 10? wide band of pavers. For projects on your own homes, sealing pavers with sand seems to be the way to go. The pea gravel was used to pave the large motor court.

Drive Approach

Loose gravel looks great but it does require more maintenance that pavers and does require some type of edging to keep it contained. The landscapers turned the Chicago 6? x 9? pavers on their side and cemented them in place to edge the motor court and planting beds.

Pavers Edge

To keep loose gravel from tracking into the house or the garage we used Pavestone pavers again. I designed a stair step design to add architectural interest to both these areas.

Paver Design

Whether you are paving a small area or a big space like Bill has, a creative design will allow you to keep the project within your budget and still give you a fantastic landscape vista.

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