I write a lot about color, primarily because it is what motives the soul.

Bright colors are lively and invigorating. Dark colors generate dramatic rooms. Our moods change based on the colors we surround ourselves with.

When it comes to bedrooms I love pastels. They soothe our spirits and allow our minds to disentangle and relax.

Every bedroom becomes a retreat when you add a chaise lounge. The Beaufort Chaise is upholstered in Laura Park’s Allium Linen fabric. The Sylva multi-hand knotted jute rug comes in a variety of sizes. Pink drapes from Annie Selke.

If you are thinking that pastels are just for little girls or boring then you haven’t seen today’s new patterned pastels. Annie Selke, a well-known designer and manufacturer of beautiful, quality bedding and home décor products, has teamed up with artist and designer Laura Park.

Charlotte based fine artist, Laura Park’s paintings stopped Selke in her tracks. She immediately saw an opportunity to translate Laura’s ethereal artwork and design aesthetic into restful looks for a collection of bedding, rugs and accessories.

Laura Park’s Déjà Vu wall painting brings a lively collection of pastels and energy colors to this room. The natural rattan Nest Lounge Chair is accented with a Sunbury linen pillow and the Ronda linen throw all from the Laura Park Collection available from Annie Selke. www.annieselke.com

Pastels can also unleash our creativity is they are combined with energy colors. Coral, rose, turquoise and purple are all energy color. Based on their intensity when they are infused into soft pastels, the results are a more interesting décor without losing the calm. Park’s home collection features beautiful soft pastel shades highlighted with plenty of energy colors.

How do you incorporate these beautiful collections into your own home? Start with an inspiration piece. For Annie Selke, it was Laura’s paintings. For you it might be a misty landscape or a soft floral print.

The Mountain Mist landscape painting is the perfect muse to design a room around. The sateen bedding is from the Como collection by Laura Selke. The floor is warmed with the Tansy woven wool rug.

Working from your muse, pull out a base color. Choose a soft tone, aqua, pale pink, peach and even sand for the walls and paint your woodwork a clean white. You may be able to work with your existing furniture if it has a light toned finish. If not, you can always paint your furniture.

Most furniture manufacturers understand the importance of personalization when it comes to furniture and offer a huge range of colors and finishes. If you are buying new consider white or natural finishes. Punch up the space with a single table or chair in a coordinating energy color.

The Lolita Collection transforms traditional Southwestern style. Ivory bedding creates the perfect anchor for energized rosy tones and mellow yellow pastels.

Upholstery pieces are key to helping coordinating prints and colors. The Beaufort Chaise from Annie Selke is upholstered in one of Laura’s inspired textiles, Alllum. The soft aqua, pink and gold print is paired with the Sylva multi hand knitted jute rug. The mottled appearance showcases a mix of brights and pastels.

Bedding is what a bedroom is all about. A bed should be beautiful, inviting and peaceful. It must feel good to the hand, be easy to care for and durable. You create a soothing environment when you use the same fabric for the comforter and the pillow shams. Add interest with throws, accent pillows, quilts and blankets in a matching solid color.

Treat the floor as a fifth wall. The rug can be a solid or bi-tonal print. But for more interest, mix in a pattern pastel rug that compliments the other patterns and colors in the room but doesn’t take center stage. It is a supporting character.

Take a rug to the wall and create a beautiful headboard and focal point for your bedroom. This room features the Chapel Hill loom knotted cotton rug on the wall and the Dunes Bleached Oak woven jute rug on the floor. The solid linen bedding is available in a variety of pastel colors.

If you have solid bedding and not ready to reinvest in a complete makeover. Consider selecting one or more of Park’s beautiful kaleidoscopic print pillows to accent bedding or upholstery. Her pillows are available in both indoor linen and outdoor fabrics.

“Laura’s gorgeous, daydream-inducing palettes and uniquely stylized prints are expertly translated into everything from linen and cotton sateen bedding and hand-knotted wool rugs to custom upholstery and effortless, breezy loungewear.” Says Annie Selke.

Laura Park, another North Carolina treasure. www.lauraparkdesigns.com